Two summers ago I went to the province of La union. To visit the beautiful beaches. While I’m strolling in one of the town. By accident I meet a 14 year old girl name Coco. I try to grab her attention by showing her my latest Ipod Touch. It seems the idea didn’t work at all. After a few minutes of conversation. I learned that her educational attainment is only grade 5. A very common thing in a rural area. But what struck me the most, with her persona are the following. She speaks 5 different languages. Tagalog , Latin, French, Dutch and English. Plus countless numbers of local dialect. I ask, what is her secret. Because she seems to know a lot of stuff. She reply to me calmly and said. I’m a good listener and a wide reader. She also mention she lives in a place with a big collection of books. I only spend few moments with Coco. but Her personality is unique. its like I’m talking to a grown up wise woman trap inside a body of  a 14 year old girl.

Days and Months past bye. November 2011 school sem-break. A family of my closed friends in grade school. Invited me to visit the same province. I did not waste any time and grab the opportunity. When we reach La Union province. I practically didn’t spend much time with them. I went direct to the same place where I meet Coco. And ask the local people. About her where about.  I’m bit of a surprise. No body in that particular town seems to know her. My brief encounter with her becomes a big mystery. So I went back to Metro Manila. Shoulders down with empty bag. Thinking, playing in my mind. My brief memory encounter with Coco. over and over again. End of the story.

About the drawing. I try to recollect all my remaining memories with her. and sketch her image in an Anime form. The windmills as back drop is more of a symbolic. She disappears into tin air.

Equipment List. Pencil, Paper, Scanner, Ipad 2 tablet and Sketchbook Pro.