“I’d trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday.”

― Kris Kristofferson

SW Investments Corporation is a holding company with interests in shopping mall development and management, retail, real estate development, banking and tourism. The SW Group was founded by Harry CY; Sr. It has become one of the largest conglomerates in the Country.

One of their biggest projects is the “Nostalgia Hotel & Mall”. Currently they are facing an adversary. The squatters in the area are hostile. The Initial moved of the corporation is to buy them out. The resident took the money they never evacuate the area. The second step demolition team composed of Police men, riot squad and construction personal. 9 crew 3 leaders of the the demolition team and chief of Police died in a gruesome way. The synopses of Police chief. he went home just like any ordinary day he enter the house shot his dog, he brings out the spyderco knife stab her two young daughters multiple times, slit the throat of the wife. Then he shot himself in the mouth. Asturias squatter town is like the tomb of Tutankhamen. The curse town is headed by two clan leaders Brothers Karamasov composed of 8 siblings and Priestess Aurora. All of them are practitioner of high level Voodoo and Witchcrafts.

The delay of the construction. Cost the corporation millions of money. The CEO of SW investment decided to respond by sending Charlie aka “The Cleaner”.

Monday morning while every single soul in the metropolis is rapidly moving in the busy street. Walking 25% faster than normal, strain to beat the time schedule in the office. Always rushed, always late. I guess that’s why they call it the human race. While Charlie and his girlfriend Gail, writing love poems to each other. Drinking their favorite hot drink at Starbucks coffee. Their young and they have all the time in the world. Charlie likes to shoot BW portraits using his film type Lieca M6 camera. Charlie enjoy eating in fancy restaurant, watching IMAX blockbuster films, picking in the gallery painting while everybody in Metro are diligently working. Charlie got a passion living in a stress free world.

Unexpected Charlie received a phone call from the secretary of Mr. Harry CY. Instructed him to read his confidential email immediately. Charlie and Gail’s world suddenly stop.

Dr. Caligari We are a man of science boy we don’t believe in Voodoo and Witchcraft. According to the autopsy reports the chief of Police died in a gun shot. But what drives him mad is a compound potion of dog rabies, lyssavirus and some unknown drugs. Dr. Caligari boy this will cost you some pain, and then he injects the astronaut green serum to the spinal column of Charlie. The process took 30 minute to complete. This will served as your body armor against any of those mambo jumbo cursed attack.

Pre-arranged Charlie move in the middle of a crowded Town of Asturia. Carrying an old luggage bag and a regular LPG gas tank. Contrary to all the monstrosity intelligence report, Charlie had received. The actual people of Asturia are gentle, polite, hospitable and religious; Brother Karamasov are compose of 8 malnourished individuals free from tattoos and violence. While Priestess Aurora was not an old Witch hag. She was a 42 year old stunning lady that looks like 24. The place was free from digital artifacts. They used rotary phones for communication, most families listen to gramophone records, they are wearing mechanical hand wind wristwatch, majority of people appreciate arts and good writings. Old school craftsmen are all over the place. Most of the things in Asturia were made by hand, and people took pride in their work. It’s like teleporting one town of people during the early 1900 to present day 2012.

Priestess Aurora welcome Charlie to her temple. Priestess said did somebody ever inform you. Entering Asturia is a one way ticket? All strangers are welcome to stay. But once they leave the vicinage of Asturia. In a span of 24 hours they will die in a frightening passion. Same thing applied to all resident of Asturia.

Disbelief Charlie responded, well that is quite a story, your just kidding me, right.

Priestess Aurora reply there are many things between Heaven and earth that cannot be explained. Situation became very serious. Let me level with you Charlie i had this gift i’m a clairvoyance. Give me a few moments I will tell you who you are. The Priestess holds the hands of Charlie, and then both of them sat down on carpet floor. She looks at Charlie eye to eye.     Volume of air pressure inside the room increases. Cold winds twirl around. You are currently working in the largest conglomerates of this country. You did killed few numbers of innocent people in the past.

Charlie react Priestess it’s actually goes with my job.

I prepare you call me Aurora. About the present, your very much in love with a girl working in the embassy, her name is Gail. Both of you loves dating while everyone is working.

About Your Luggage bag it contains a Nokia 5110 mobile phone; an old model phone but it generates a lot of electricity, a typical favorite detonator device for explosive. Some duct tape, a balikbayan box used to trap the fume. Flamethrower’s projectiles made up of gel gasoline, a high grade type rated 12 hours of continues fire, not even a firemen is capable of stoping the flames, and a regular LPG gas tank. So you want it to appear like a typical kitchen fire accident. Your real intention coming here is to burn this place, then level it to the ground.

That’s very sad.

Charlie became uneasy, faze I don’t want this anymore He resist.

Priestess Aurora tries to calm down Charlie. Please, Please I don’t want to lose the vision allow me to finish. Relax, loosen up you are not being accuse. You are here for a reason. Let me continue and look at your future, visions of things that may come to your life! She is breathing heavily. Aurora stops for a moment. Astound on what she saw, then proceed.

You will have to choose between your 22 years old girlfriend. Aurora’s voice stammer and a woman twice your age. Aurora became Wordless when her pipe dream became very visible. She stop for a few moments, she let her eyes communicate to Charlie.

Charlie says what, I didn’t understand.

Priestess Aurora’s pause. Her eyes and lips convey I’m the one. She holds her breath and said please choose me.

Charlie slowly gaze on the flawless face of Aurora then reply, I guess i have to stay then for a while.

As time past bye in Asturia. Charlie savors the stress free life. He adore every moment of his time with the wise Priestess Aurora while the high fidelity phonograph in the background plays the song of Billy Holidays in title “All The Way”.

Charlie compromised the mission.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Story by Nonoy Manga


Nonoy Manga