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Original drawing, Hand drawn my inspiration as follow.

 When was the last time you listen to a song from the heart?

In the world of modern music. populated by rock, rap, hip hop, r&b and techno pop. I accidentally bump into a cd in my uncles music collection. a 1974 album re-issue of Sergio Mendes. a Brazilian music Song writer arranger. In title “Waiting for Love”. I run the track to my Marantz cd 5400, Audiolab 8000a integrated amplifier with Epos 11 pair of speakers.

My initial feeling as if I’m diving in slow-motion  into the depth of my soul. Account of event flash right before my eyes. Moving, Lost opportunities, regret, hope. No time to think. an appeal to a repeated mistake. Haunting, sad and at the same time a feeling of contentment. It’s a breeze to ear. Something that will cultivate human emotion. A very different mood as compared to the current crop of music. A musical tune singing in the heart of a lonely naive person. I Presume These song was written at the time when human being still believe in love. It’s not for everyone but it definitely works for me. So I decided to sketch up the complex  obsolete disturbance I perceived.

 Original drawing in Mongol Pencil on bond paper. then I trace and color it with sketchbook pro.


Nonoy Manga

If you think drawing anime is difficult think again.

Learn to navigate window screen pause, forward and backward key.

Method of drawing is simple. Make a drawing guide slide 1. used pencil. Then Copy everything you see In the screen. After slide 5 erased drawing guide.

In the coming days I will release more simple anime drawing. In the likes of naruto, dragon ball z, k-on, bleach, one piece, full metal alchemy, fairytale etc.

Good luck

Nonoy Manga

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My uncle once said the fire inside him is dying. Cold wind is coming. He can’t mingle anymore with the young 20 year old girls. The age gap is so huge. facial look is so obvious. Generation disparity. Public opinion, etc. But all of that crap  change  a week later.

He was invited in a swimming party one sunday afternoon. While he was resting in the couch near by the pool. He saw this 20 year old siren climbing out of a 12 feet swimming pool. She is like a bucket of high octane gasoline poured into him. and The last thing my uncle mention. The “flame” is back. Please share if you have similar adventure or misadventure.

Flame-original hand drawn. Above story is my inspiration to the sketch art.

Originally Drawn in Mongol Pencil on Bond paper. scan, then trace back using sketchbook pro.


Nonoy Manga

A follow up to my earlier post  sketch in Mongol Pencil and Bond Paper. Here is the end result after applying line adjustment, highlight, shade and colors.


Nonoy Manga

Original Drawing, Hand Drawn. Equipment used in the drawing. Mongol Pencil, Bond Paper, Scanner, then I color and finish it with sketchbook pro.

My inspiration with these graphic art is the heroin Charlotte Ladram. in a superb thriller book by an English Author Robert Goddard. The book is a tour the force from the moment Beatrix open her first line. Up to the end. I have no option but to sketch up the Heroin. In an Anime form. To leave a lasting memory.

Book description

In her seaside cottage, Beatrix Abberley bravely confronts an intruder moments before her life is brutally taken. The crime stuns the elderly spinster’s family—especially Beatrix’s niece, Charlotte Ladram. But Charlotte has little time to mourn the loss of her beloved aunt and little patience when police quickly arrest a man Charlotte believes is innocent. For Charlotte, a harrowing quest for answers begins—one that will take her into the shadows of the past…and into the life and secrets of the dead woman’s brother, famed poet and casualty of the Spanish Civil War, Tristram Abberley.

Now, amid shattering revelations about her family, and in the aftermath of a second savage crime, Charlotte finds herself at the center of a widening storm. And for Charlotte, something extraordinary is beginning to happen. As fifty years of secrets begin to unravel, shy, cautious Charlotte is coming alive in the shadow of a mystery—uncovering a shocking tale of wartime greed and treachery, and a vendetta of violence seemingly without end….


Nonoy Manga.


I finish my periodical exam sooner than I though. While I’m waiting for my next class. I try to make my self busy. So I decided to sketch up this pair of eyes. Using my ever reliable Mongol Pencil and a piece of Bond Paper. My inspiration for this drawing is the cutest girl in the 4th year class. Once i finish applying all the necessary colors and correction I will post it again the final result. Cheers Nonoy Manga.

Pay attention with the following. the scale of the eye, nose, mouth, chin.


Baby 1 to 5 year old. big eyes, tiny nose, tiny mouth, big rounded chin

Kid 6 to 12 years old. follow the scale.

Teenager 13 to 19 years old. follow the scale.

Adult 20 to 40 years old. follow the scale.

Middle age 40 to 50 just add wrinkle. follow the scale.

Grandpa  60 to 80 more wrinkle, white semi bald hair. follow the scale.

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Good luck.

Back in the days when Sony PSP battle the mighty Nintendo DS.

 A science fiction RPG Game sprout In the scene. The title is “Super Robot Taisen” One unforgettable character capture my imagination. A hunter warrior on a mission to bring down a berserker Robot. name Arkwon unit rasetsu. A Hero Aledy went into a perilous journey in a hostile territory. To seek justice to the victims of Robot Arkwon. But By the time he faces his Nemesis its already too late. He is no longer fighting a Berserker Robot. the Robot Arkwon already found a Master to control him. The Diabolical Mr. Shiragato. The tired and worn-out, Aledy Nahash just realized. He is going to the point of no return. he bite more than he could chew.

 About the drawing. I’ve done this during my free time in the school. Using an iPod touch 4.0. Enjoy


A follow up to my early post in title “Rough Cut”. about this chick in the  4th year high school. the cast of green is a metaphor. she is the green apple of my eyes. For all of you who saw the sketch up version in Mongol Pencil and Bond Paper. here is the end product. enjoy.

A type of facial expression with Mix emotions.

14 crying smiling

15 relief

16 fright

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A type of facial expression to agitate mentally or spiritually.

11 surprise

12 troubled

13 thinking

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A type of facial expression with deep distress, sadness, or regret especially for the loss of someone or something loved

8 sorrow

9 crying

10 crying loudly

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A type of facial expression marked by extreme force or sudden intense activity.

5 being upset

6 anger

7 violent anger

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A nonverbal communication is actually more powerful than words.

Please go through the slide show. Control the frames forward, pause and backward. Study carefully each example. A type of facial expression finding amusement or pleasure in something.

1 emotionless expression

2 smile

3 laughter

4 loud laughter

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I’m sure most of us past several stages of life.  Such as Death in the family, fatherhood, divorce, marriage, the other woman, girl friends, flings, poppy love, crush. With all the different categories i mention above. I think I’m belong to the bottom of the food chain.

Let’s call my crush lady D. First time I saw her when I was a fresh man in high school. While she was in the second year. I’m now in the 3rd year. Soon she will be gone, in the school. With out knowing my real feelings for her. My stock knowledge about her are very Limited mostly empirical.  I’m Just an observer. Out side of the circle.  I’m to shy or too coward to approach her. Or may be I’m too scared of rejection. What I notice about her. She likes to hang out with the boy’s crowd.  She is very good in handling her self. Anyway yesterday after when i was walking alone the hallway of our school. I accidentally collided in her path. I try to avoid her and move left. She mirrors me and follow left. I do the Floyd Mayweather duck and move right. She does the Manny Paquiao counter and move toward the right. Until we decided to pause for a second. To avoid a collision course.  I look at her face 10 inches away. Gee as if I’m in the matrix, bullet time mode friends. At the same time all my spider senses are perfectly working. Owe boy her two green eyes are so captivating. A glimpse of heaven. And her lips are so kissable. Gee she smells terrific. I may Sound like an advertisement ha. I take a deep breath and wish the moment will last a forever.

Press fast forward please. So an hour ago. What the heck. I decided to sketch her up. Taking advantage of the freshness of my Leica lens eyes while everything is still intact. This is the Rough Cut I’m talking about. I know it may look like a mugshots on one of those Criminal investigation scenes. Please bare with me. I will do a couple of adjustment before I deliver the final product. It’s all base on my fascinating experience. I’ll get back to you guys soon.

Two summers ago I went to the province of La union. To visit the beautiful beaches. While I’m strolling in one of the town. By accident I meet a 14 year old girl name Coco. I try to grab her attention by showing her my latest Ipod Touch. It seems the idea didn’t work at all. After a few minutes of conversation. I learned that her educational attainment is only grade 5. A very common thing in a rural area. But what struck me the most, with her persona are the following. She speaks 5 different languages. Tagalog , Latin, French, Dutch and English. Plus countless numbers of local dialect. I ask, what is her secret. Because she seems to know a lot of stuff. She reply to me calmly and said. I’m a good listener and a wide reader. She also mention she lives in a place with a big collection of books. I only spend few moments with Coco. but Her personality is unique. its like I’m talking to a grown up wise woman trap inside a body of  a 14 year old girl.

Days and Months past bye. November 2011 school sem-break. A family of my closed friends in grade school. Invited me to visit the same province. I did not waste any time and grab the opportunity. When we reach La Union province. I practically didn’t spend much time with them. I went direct to the same place where I meet Coco. And ask the local people. About her where about.  I’m bit of a surprise. No body in that particular town seems to know her. My brief encounter with her becomes a big mystery. So I went back to Metro Manila. Shoulders down with empty bag. Thinking, playing in my mind. My brief memory encounter with Coco. over and over again. End of the story.

About the drawing. I try to recollect all my remaining memories with her. and sketch her image in an Anime form. The windmills as back drop is more of a symbolic. She disappears into tin air.

Equipment List. Pencil, Paper, Scanner, Ipad 2 tablet and Sketchbook Pro.

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