Welcome to Drawings and MisAdventures of Nonoy Manga.

Nonoy – is a nickname of a self study Mangaka Artist.

Manga- is the Japanese word for “comics/cartoons” and consists of comics and print cartoons (sometimes also called komikku).

Anime- is the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of “animation”.

I join WordPress at the age of 17, a Filipino High School Student. now i’m 19 studying 2D and 3D Animation.

My Goal.

  • Share my Manga Drawing Knowledge.
  • To develop new Manga characters.
  • Draw my own Manga Comics.
  • Create fun, challenging old & new stories for young at hearts.
  • Have my own Anime TV series. or work in a Video Game Industry.

Maintenance Man of the Site.

Me and my uncle Jojo aka Mr. Demosthenes S. Canete.

Thanks for visiting Enjoy.

Nonoy  Cleofas aka Mark Jerome Cleofas.