“Kiss me, and you see how important I am.” Sylvia Plath

I had a best friend when I was in elementary school. The Principal considered him the most likely to succeed child in the school. He was a very calculative person, an above average intelligence; he likes modern gadgets and a fine boy’s scout. The name of my friend is Marcus. Last September 2, 2012. At the heat of the mid term exam. Marcus parents unexpectedly visit our home. The sad news, Marcus vanishes mysteriously while riding in a commuter bus back to school, in Laspinas city. Marcus parents lost their confidence to the local police authorities, after several weeks of unproductive backwash. The parents we’re desperate and bewilder. I’m no Sherlock Holmes and my resources are very limited. What I can share to them are my childhood memories with Marcus. We used to hang out in his bed room together with other friends. As a child i have the habit of exploring other peoples stuff.

Present day inside Marcus room we found a hand written journal. The last three months of Marcus important activities before the disappearance. He wrote a lot of happy moments with her newly found girlfriend name Jenny. He describes her as a silent type sweet loving person, a devoted catholic, honest and trustworthy. She is a first year college student in journalism course. For Jenny the truth is the most important. They meet each other at the National library.

Meeting Jenny’s parents. We were surprised their daughter is a another case of missing person. The parents of Jenny are no different from Marcus folks. Their too busy managing a business, absolutely no quality time spend with their siblings. They don’t have knowledge about Marcus. They describe Jenny as introvert, wallflower, antisocial. according to them Jenny wrote a lot of manuscript about children’s adventures, she spend most of her time writing in the bed room or in the national Library.The only person they knew associated with Jenny is Lucila. A childhood friend, see meet in the national library when she was 6 years old. For the past several years she talks about her often. But Jenny’s parents doubt the existence of Lucila. They think Lucila is a made up character inside the mind of Jenny. They haven’t seen her in flesh.

I ask the parents of Jenny if i could borrow some of Jenny’s written manuscript. Jenny’s parents look at each other. Nod without any hesitation gave me the permission to take everything I want, they said the manuscript is just collecting dust in the books shelves nobody is interested to read it. It’s just a waste of quality time. When they show me the manuscripts i’m overwhelm, it’s like one set of encyclopedia britannica. I end up choosing the first, the middle part and the last volume.

Just like what the parents of Jenny claim. The author of the manuscript is a little child. Most adult will get bored after reading few chapters. She had written them for her own pleasure after returning home from his class in the evening, and had made no attempt to get them published.The content mostly are fantasy imagination graphical stories.They talk about Lucila’s childhood adventures going to places 1000 times more ravishing than the top 10 most beautiful places in the planet.

The next manuscript is a game changer it erase all my early opinions about Jenny and Lucila. Jenny wrote this at the age of 12. The content is no child’s play. She talks about Astral Projection. Travel denotes the astral body leaving the physical body to travel in the astral plane. It covers a certain discipline, how to calm & relax your body, how to set your mind, the importance of beaming your love to other people, cleansing your soul. It has minute by minute instructions. Something you have to constantly practice for a long period of time to accomplice a result. I’m may be wrong but the general notion for Astral Projection traveling is to turn your self into a child frame of mind. Not to clear to me. Innocent, free from sin, disposal of all negative things in your thought and conscience. Recharging your soul is a must for travelers. Or else you will be stranded in a suspended animation indefinitely.

The story of Lucila. A native of the province of Pampanga. She had the possession of a book written in Latin language. About Astral travelers and their experiences. By the help of some scholars she meet in the national library she successfully finishes the translation of the book. Lucila was an accomplish astral traveler. She visited several universe unknown to man. Lucila first meet Jenny at the national library. When Jenny was six at the time, accompanied by her grandpa a constant visitor of the library. While Lucila was 25. Jenny describe her as a mentor, a loyal friend, Jolly, Vocal, religious, trustworthy, patient, strong hunger for knowledge. Their friendship spanned more than a decade. They develop a sisterhood bonding. Trust to each other is their highest priority.

The last manuscript is about a plot to rescue Lucila’s trap spirit in the netherworld. Lucila refused to accept the idea of Jenny. But Jenny is very determined. She wrote in the manuscript. My devoted boyfriend Marcus will support the plan to the letter. He will match the unquestionable love I gave to him. Marcus will follow me to the depths of the unknown. My years of practice paid off I’m ready to travel. Further reading the content of the last manuscript. My feeling as if I’m a peasant in north Korea while Jenny, Marcus and Lucila are proud owner of IPhone 5 in America. They are discussing all the new features while I’m just a clueless spectator listening to their conversation. The three of them doesn’t care much about their present life.They are looking for the next one.

The National library. I’m not sure whether Lucila is an employee of the Library or just a visitor. Nobody knows her from the administration Department. But a certain Madame Mangan belongs to 3rd generation of Family working in the same establishment. Gave us some info about previous employees. Madame Mangan confirms they have no employee by the name of Lucila. But they had a popular personality back in the 1960’s by the name of Lucila Lalu. A practitioner Astral Projection. She used to tell some unbelievable wild stories. Once she told everyone she was able to reach the gates of heaven and talks to angels. The angels spoke to her, you are pure you can enter our realms. But warn you cannot go back to your friends and relatives anymore. You just have to be patient, wait for them at the right time. Lucila back out and did not pursue. In the last travel of Lucila, something went wrong. Her soulless body she vacate when ever she travel. Attracted and attacked by some dark entities who want to live again in the world of the living flesh. It happens in 1964, since then she stops visiting the library. She became a totally different person. She creates havoc among her family members and loved ones. Her boyfriend knew what inside her body is not Lucila’s soul but an evil entity. In the year 1967 the boyfriend ended Lucila Lalu’s life. I google this part of story it’s too gruesome to discuss. The 26 years disparity of the death of Lucila Lalu and the date birth of Jenny year 1993 is a big question to me.

On august 3, 2012 around 4:00 pm Jenny and Marcus registered their name in the visitors list of the National Library. It appears they never came out of the building.

I’m not yet ready to taste the lips of Lucila; I don’t know where to draw the strength to continue.

The fascinating method of Lucila’s Astral Projection traveling is not new. It is written all over the place. The only problem is most of us refused to understand.

I google the question “how to enter the kingdom of God?” what I got are the following.

English Standard Version (©2001)

And said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 18:4 Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Story by Nonoy Manga


Nonoy Manga