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When something an affliction happens to you, you either let it defeat you, or you defeat it. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

On May 5, 2005 College assurance plan and Pacific educational plans of the Yuchengco groups of companies’ closed shop. They cannot service their obligations anymore. The day the dreams of hundreds of thousands of people trying to graduate college crashing down. Thousand of average income workers were rip-off. I am one of the unfortunate beneficiaries of the policy. Anxiety is on the horizon.Three heads of the family didn’t take the matters lightly; they decided to get even with the corporation.

On May 16, 2008 three Bank Robbers wearing a stocking mask enter the RCBC Bank Cabuyao branch. A subsidiary of the Yuchengco groups of companies. Without a single violent act Under 5 minutes their able to moved P14, 000.000 cash money inside 5 nylon bags.

Midway of the heist, bank teller Ms. Jade Tulio. A Grand daughter of a military officer who survived the death march of Bataan. Used her toes to activate the security alarm located underneath her table, it send signal direct to the main police HQ of batangas city. A Swat Sergeant and his 2 Privates patrolling the nearby area were notified immediately.

At the time the bank robbers about to leave the crime scene. Three Swat police jeopardized their plan. Without firing a single gun shot. first is an open palm Krav Maga Israeli martial to the throat of the Robbers, follow by a high level Brazilian Gracie jujitsu were applied. All the three Robbers suffer broken limbs. Then their hands were lock by a Cable tie. All the 3 robbers were apprehended, one after the other. In a different venue, they have no idea what hit them.

All the 10 captives composed 8 bank employee and 2 security guards were delighted with the turn of events. A lightning speed responds from the local Swat team. The Sergeant of the Swat team open and examined one of the black nylon bag. Before attending to the needs of the captives. He was astounded by the gravity of the money inside the bag. His mind travel to the farthest reaches of the outer limits. He made a phone call then He grabs his two subordinate in their uniform, they conducted a serious man to man talk in one of the meeting room.

Like madmen in a mission they went out of the meeting room. They took all the captives handkerchief, and some foot socks. Then Stock it in the mouth of each internee. The sergeant opens a bottle of mineral water in the pantry room. Without any intention of drinking it. He turns the bottle up side down. Flushing all the liquid fluid inside. While his subordinate secured the fire arms of the assigned security guard of the bank. A Brazilian made Taurus pistol PT-92 15 rounds hand gun.

The third Swat member aligned all the captives in no particular order. The Swat sergeant place the empty plastic bottle of mineral water in front of the Taurus pistol gun muzzle, then he point it to the face of the first captives. With out any hesitation he squeeze the trigger.

Ms. Jade Tulia number 7 in the death row. Time is not on her side, her hands are tied up. Observing, looking for a small window of opportunity to survive. She notices the Sergeant is talking to his Privates while doing the execution. The only time the sergeant looks at the captives when they got hysterical. Dead bodies dropping right before Jade’s eyes. Finally it’s her turn. The sergeant looks at her beautiful face. Then instead of evading Jade looks back, eye ball to eye ball. Her face is full of animosity. The sergeant sway his head toward Swat private no. 2, Jade simultaneously angle her os frontale of the skull towards the left. The bullets inside the gun chamber are re-used hard ball type bullets. A type of ammunition supply that will save the security agencies ample amount of cash as compared to factory load bullets. But Power and quality may vary defending on the workmanship. The sergeant squeeze the trigger, the low quality 9mm bullet went out of the barrel, The plastic bottle act as a sound suppressor, it slips to the left os frontale skull of Jade, the bullet travel and ends up to one of the bank thick journal books. Too silent nobody notice it. The projectile creates a heavy bleeding in the wound tissues. Jade just like the others captives drops on the floor like a hot potato.

The third Swat member hides the dead body of one the security guard at the back of the building to distort evidence. He Wipe the wooden grip of the murder weapon then drop it, he clean and cover all their tracks. After that he secured a getaway car. A vehicle owned by one of the bank employee. They also brought with them the 3 bank robbers.

The police authorities arrived at the crime scene several minutes after the great escape. They found 9 dead bodies, one with a small breath of life.

Two weeks later the dead bodies of the three robbers were recovered in an abandoned house. According to the police report it was a shoot out. But a dispute from the human right groups emerged. They conducted their own private investigation it appeared it was a rubout. Marks of bullets, gun shots can only be found on the surface of the floor. No bullets shots on walls, ceilings and windows.

Upon checking the identity of the three bank robbers. The National bureau of investigation Field agent were surprise, all of three bank robbers had no previous criminal records. The only common thing among them. They were all Policy holders of College Assurance Plan. Folded policy certificates are recovered inside their wallets.

Hidden to the knowledge of local law enforcer of batangas city and private citizen of the province. The emplacements of the woman of substance Jade three weeks after she dodge the bullet of death. She fight’s herself out of the comatose hospital bedroom. She recovered her senses. Now the Swat team had to face the Wrath of God.

9 Swat police men and their immediate officer involved in the brutal massacre were arrested. As bizarre as it may sound all of the nine police men were Policy holder of Pacific Educational Plans.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Fictional Story inspired a true event by Nonoy Manga

Link To the true event.


Nonoy Manga

I got to that desperate place where nobody could help me but God. Cheryl James

Veronica Angeles is an OFW nurse and a writer who has just separated from her husband. She was Layoff from her job in King Faisal general hospital Saudi Arabia. Veronica wants to run away from her problems. She moves back to her native province of Bicol Philippines to have a fresh start. She tries to work on a novel based on her experiences in the Emergency room.

Upon arrival in the province she learned that her mother lost their farm to the land lord. She also obtains insights, finding a regular job in the rural area is very difficult. Money became very tight.

In the middle of the year 2008, she meets a rich haciendero by the name of Subas Herero. In one of the cultural festivals in the town of polangui albay. Mr. Herero is obsessed with the study of “survival after death”. He offers Veronica a job. For one night only. A chance to earn 1 million pesos If she can spend an over night in spooky old abandon tenement that has brutal murders history. The haciendero is willing to provide her a loaded 38 caliber smith & wesson revolver pistol for self defense and a Hampton lantern. Due to Veronica’s current financial situation. She decided to take her chances and accept the indecent proposal.

On the foggy dawn of June 5, 2008 at the peak of the great recession. Veronica arrived riding in a hearse vehicle. In front of the old building main gate. The caretakers as agreed to meet with her, then lock veronica inside the tenement for 24 hours. Veronica was caught by surprised; the size of the building is massive, hundreds of rooms. In the first hour of her lodge inside the tenement, strange things start happening around her; little things at first, but as they become more frequent, Veronica becomes aware that the tenement resents her presence.

Veronica murmurs I’ve seen a lot of dead people in my adult life. Additional episode will not make any difference. She got fed up with the entities talking in Sumerian tongue. Veronica shouts! What is living if you don’t feel alive?

She found a small room with concrete ceilings, lock her self up with a dead bolt. Fortified the door. Then she immediately executes her little plan. She brings out A mid size pill box. Inside 5 pieces of Ativan 2 mg and 5 pieces Valium 10 mg. Both will make her sleep well for 24 hours a hypnotic’s effect will take place. Her plan is to kill her 5 senses temporarily to avoid dealing with the poltergeist. She chooses the Ativan. She winds up her Uri Gagarin Poljot wristwatch. Check the time exactly 3:10 am dawn. Veronica said Necessity is the mother of “taking chances.” then she Swallow 5 pieces of 2 mg of Ativan then drink the small plastic bottle of yakult. From there on the pills work like a magic it dissolved all the fears and agony. Veronica smiling sleeps like a baby.

27 hours later she wakes up. Sun ray penetrating the small opening in the ventilation fan. She opens the dead bolt. Barefoot she proceeds to the main door entrance excited to claim her price its lock! She look in the window Veronica saw the two caretakers locking the main gate. The feeling is like rewinding an old Vhs tape player. She check her wristwatch the hands direction are moving counter clockwise. It stops exactly 3:10 am. Then resume again, in a blink of an eye the place turn pitch-black, she light up the Hampton lantern, and then she brings out the 38 special. The ceiling is taking it shape. While the floor turns slippery wet.

Veronica said, if there’s no way out of here I will make one.

Hand Drawn by Nonoy Manga

Story by Nonoy Manga


Nonoy Manga

Final Aerose

Original hand drawn Aerose 8 1/2×11 inch pencil and paper.

Final Princess Aria

Original hand drawn Princess Aria 8 1/2 x11 inch pencil and paper

Hi everyone it’s been a while since the last time I post a drawing lesson. It’s really cool when you can draw your own manga characters! I’m belong to the old school of artist. Before I touch my computer. I draw and sketch all the important concepts of my drawing on a piece of bond paper using a pencil. It’s like keeping a negative of a film type camera. I will decide what type of hair, eyes, skin, facial expression, outfit and perspective. It can be a hero, villain, or neutral. Then draw it on paper. As much as possible I don’t want to alter my original sketches. Once I port it into the digital format, I try to keep it as faithful as possible to the original drawings.

Guide lines on how I scale my drawings. The face of my characters is about + – size of an open palm hand in the sketch. It may change depends on the perspective. The length of the body is about 2 face size. The length of the upper arm should be equal to 1 and half size of the face. The length of the lower arm should be equal twice the size of the face when the fingers are straighten. Hips to knee 2 face ratio. Knee to foot 2 face ratio.

Then I re-draw again everything in a digital format. I used the bond paper sketch as my master reference. For iPad I used sketch book pro application. For desktop computer I used adobe illustrator. Or any drawing or paint software. I don’t let hardware’s and software’s became a hindrance to my passion. A program doesn’t mean much to me. I used pencil, ball pen, brush, my fingers, bamboo pen and regular mouse to draw. Hardware Devices doesn’t matter to me for as long I enjoy what I’m doing.

About The back story of the two characters I draw above. Unfortunately it can not be told in 3 pages or less. So let me try something. Love, Hope and Heartbreak.


Nonoy Manga

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