Happy New Year to all of you!!!

This is a frame by frame animation. Not a motion captured. It has a real time floor reflection and shadow. I have done this using AutoDesk Maya. PS just reload the page if the video doesn’t run.

These are close up shot, of various models I used in the trailer of “Dead Movie Writers” .

Airship Birds Eye View Airship Wireframe Airship Worms Eye View Assassin Boat Front Close Up View Assassin Front View Assassin Persp View Big Daddy Back View Big Daddy Front View Big Daddy Persp View Blunderbuss Side View Chthulhu Persp View Cindy Front Close Up View Cindy Front View Diana Kommissar Front Close Up View Diana Kommissar Front View Diana Poster 01 Evergreen Front Evergreen Wireframe Fatal V Front Fatal V Wireframe Goliath And Ice Fortress Johny Front Close Up View Johny Manuever Attack Johny Persp View Knife Persp View Light Meter Little Sylvia Front Close Up View Little Sylvia Persp View Mauser C96 Wireframe Priest Front Close Up View Priest Persp View Red House Bird Eye View Red House Persp View Rocket Laucher Persp View Rocket Laucher Side View Scientist Front Close Up View Scientist Persp View Snow Army Nigger Front Close Up View Snow Army Nigger Persp View The Senator Persp View Tokarev Persp View Vestpa Store Italian Color Vestpa Vestpa Store Red Vestpa Witch Front Close Up View

Witch Persp View

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Mark Jerome Cleofas AKA Nonoy Manga