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Original drawing, Hand drawn my inspiration as follow.

 When was the last time you listen to a song from the heart?

In the world of modern music. populated by rock, rap, hip hop, r&b and techno pop. I accidentally bump into a cd in my uncles music collection. a 1974 album re-issue of Sergio Mendes. a Brazilian music Song writer arranger. In title “Waiting for Love”. I run the track to my Marantz cd 5400, Audiolab 8000a integrated amplifier with Epos 11 pair of speakers.

My initial feeling as if I’m diving in slow-motion  into the depth of my soul. Account of event flash right before my eyes. Moving, Lost opportunities, regret, hope. No time to think. an appeal to a repeated mistake. Haunting, sad and at the same time a feeling of contentment. It’s a breeze to ear. Something that will cultivate human emotion. A very different mood as compared to the current crop of music. A musical tune singing in the heart of a lonely naive person. I Presume These song was written at the time when human being still believe in love. It’s not for everyone but it definitely works for me. So I decided to sketch up the complex  obsolete disturbance I perceived.

 Original drawing in Mongol Pencil on bond paper. then I trace and color it with sketchbook pro.


Nonoy Manga

If you think drawing anime is difficult think again.

Learn to navigate window screen pause, forward and backward key.

Method of drawing is simple. Make a drawing guide slide 1. used pencil. Then Copy everything you see In the screen. After slide 5 erased drawing guide.

In the coming days I will release more simple anime drawing. In the likes of naruto, dragon ball z, k-on, bleach, one piece, full metal alchemy, fairytale etc.

Good luck

Nonoy Manga

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