My uncle once said the fire inside him is dying. Cold wind is coming. He can’t mingle anymore with the young 20 year old girls. The age gap is so huge. facial look is so obvious. Generation disparity. Public opinion, etc. But all of that crap  change  a week later.

He was invited in a swimming party one sunday afternoon. While he was resting in the couch near by the pool. He saw this 20 year old siren climbing out of a 12 feet swimming pool. She is like a bucket of high octane gasoline poured into him. and The last thing my uncle mention. The “flame” is back. Please share if you have similar adventure or misadventure.

Flame-original hand drawn. Above story is my inspiration to the sketch art.

Originally Drawn in Mongol Pencil on Bond paper. scan, then trace back using sketchbook pro.


Nonoy Manga