Back in the days when Sony PSP battle the mighty Nintendo DS.

 A science fiction RPG Game sprout In the scene. The title is “Super Robot Taisen” One unforgettable character capture my imagination. A hunter warrior on a mission to bring down a berserker Robot. name Arkwon unit rasetsu. A Hero Aledy went into a perilous journey in a hostile territory. To seek justice to the victims of Robot Arkwon. But By the time he faces his Nemesis its already too late. He is no longer fighting a Berserker Robot. the Robot Arkwon already found a Master to control him. The Diabolical Mr. Shiragato. The tired and worn-out, Aledy Nahash just realized. He is going to the point of no return. he bite more than he could chew.

 About the drawing. I’ve done this during my free time in the school. Using an iPod touch 4.0. Enjoy