I’m sure most of us past several stages of life.  Such as Death in the family, fatherhood, divorce, marriage, the other woman, girl friends, flings, poppy love, crush. With all the different categories i mention above. I think I’m belong to the bottom of the food chain.

Let’s call my crush lady D. First time I saw her when I was a fresh man in high school. While she was in the second year. I’m now in the 3rd year. Soon she will be gone, in the school. With out knowing my real feelings for her. My stock knowledge about her are very Limited mostly empirical.  I’m Just an observer. Out side of the circle.  I’m to shy or too coward to approach her. Or may be I’m too scared of rejection. What I notice about her. She likes to hang out with the boy’s crowd.  She is very good in handling her self. Anyway yesterday after when i was walking alone the hallway of our school. I accidentally collided in her path. I try to avoid her and move left. She mirrors me and follow left. I do the Floyd Mayweather duck and move right. She does the Manny Paquiao counter and move toward the right. Until we decided to pause for a second. To avoid a collision course.  I look at her face 10 inches away. Gee as if I’m in the matrix, bullet time mode friends. At the same time all my spider senses are perfectly working. Owe boy her two green eyes are so captivating. A glimpse of heaven. And her lips are so kissable. Gee she smells terrific. I may Sound like an advertisement ha. I take a deep breath and wish the moment will last a forever.

Press fast forward please. So an hour ago. What the heck. I decided to sketch her up. Taking advantage of the freshness of my Leica lens eyes while everything is still intact. This is the Rough Cut I’m talking about. I know it may look like a mugshots on one of those Criminal investigation scenes. Please bare with me. I will do a couple of adjustment before I deliver the final product. It’s all base on my fascinating experience. I’ll get back to you guys soon.