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It was a very busy time and I really, really, really miss you all! Below are the 2 Animation video I made in the school. And 4 new hand drawn arts.

(Mission Eden) A Multi-Media Art Showreel 2014 by Mark Jerome Cleofas from Jojo S. Canete on Vimeo. My final 2D animation project in Multi-Media Arts. It’s a Gigantor Aka Tesujin 28 Homage. I had a fun time doing these 3 min. animation video. Combining all my knowledge in After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, green screen, paper animation etc. the back story, a battle royale of the man who ruled the world, the man who wants to change the world and the woman who will do anything to save the human race.
Animax Advertisement (After Effects Showreel) by Mark Jerome Cleofas from Jojo S. Canete on Vimeo.

A 2D project in After Effects Class.

Is God Dead Poster Signature (Colored)

“Is God Dead” these are my original characters. hand drawn using technical pen and colored pencil.


“Tetsujin 28” Hand drawn painting.

heart and armore

“Heart and Armor” Sketch book hand drawn.

battle angel alita

“Battle Angel Alita” sketchbook hand drawn.

On the Great Recession 2008. me and my uncle Jojo had nothing much to do. Netbook PC is still cool. we try to push it to the Max. we used some buggy substandard software for window xp and created this Animation. we have limited budget and limited hardware. its Hard but its fun.

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