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Nonoy Manga

Boy’s have no idea how long something they said can stay with girl’s mind.

15 years ago end of summer vacation inside the Green house two toddlers are playing everyday as if the days will never end. The boy whispers to the girl when we grow up we will meet each other again at university of the Philippines. The girl kiss the boy in the cheek then the boy said promised, the girl said yes! The boy disappears the next day.

Present day. Somebody accidentally detonate my Alarm clock. Clunk clunk clunk. I heard my mother open the Tivoli kitchen radio Stevie wonder enter the scene for once in my life i have some one who needs me para ra ra ra ra ra…. My Mobile phone received 3 text messages From Jade lets have lunch, meet me at serendra park 11:00am. Something important to tell you. Jade a first year college student these coming school year while me, I’m graduating in high school. She teaches me how to draw marvel comics in exchange I teach her Manga. We play risk, Monopoly, Carcassonne and other German board games. Every summer vacation almost every year. We attended violin lessons together to the same music teacher. She makes me happy and cheers me up. Jade is the epitome of a gorgeous woman, but most of her suitors gave up on her already. Bad news she only entertains friendship nothing more nothing less. For some unknown reason Jade is a very tight person. To most boys she was label as a full pledge Catholic, a Sexy lesbian, a Man hater. But in the minds of Nonoy Manga she is one of my all time crush. Ha ha ha…

A walk in the Park. I arrived exactly 10:00 am i’m so excited I waited for one and a half hour. I call her cell phone several times it keeps on ringing nobody answers. Wow it doesn’t feel right somebody play a practical joke on me. I’m so stupid I can’t even remember when was the last time I had a real date. Now I bite the bait an invitation from a hot chick. May be too good to be true. I’m starting to doubt my self, and start to lose my poise.

I gave up on her around 12:15 pm. just when I’m about to leave serendra park somebody calls my name Nonoy. An angel in guess jeans baby pink shirt shows up. The disappointment in my face melted. She pull out her Mulan wooden comb then straighten my hair, she align the round neck collar of my Gap t-shirt. Then blow a channel perfume on me. We end up having the same fragrance. She told me sorry the traffic is heavy and she left her iPhone in her bed room. I hold her hand then we cross the street together its zero resistance. So far so good.

Getting all the right signal. We eat in the Thai food restaurant. She mixes the beef salad, then she filled my bowl with the tom yum gong soup, she unwrap the chicken pandan then put it on my plate. She toss a lot of funny jokes. I almost died laughing.

The Arcade room. I bought 25 pieces of tokens. Jade is a 19 year old teenager but inside the game center i notice the 5 year old girl inside her shows up. We play all the classic funny stuff hitting the mole creature on the head with a sledge hummer, ray gun vs. Godzilla, bump cars, foss ball to air hockey.

The moment of truth! We sat at Starbucks coffee I’m enjoying my frappuccino drink while I eat the munchies. Gee i’m a proud boy sitting beside her. While everyone is looking at us. I over heard one bystander whispered what a wonderful couple. Then Jade became too serious with a bit of sparkles in her eyes, she said I received an old fashion letter yesterday! My child hood soul mate said in the letter, it’s time he will fulfill his promised, we will study together in the number 1 University of the Country. Upon hearing that my heart as big as a honeydew Mellon stop. Drop in the floor flat like a frozen pepperoni pizza. The munchies almost choke me to death. I almost spit it on her. I pause for a while to recuperate and then i said to her “who is this boy”!!! My voice gurgled then she explained. (Please refer to the first and second paragraph of this post.)

The Bus station. She bought a ticket for one. Then we hug each other without saying goodbye the scene is a total silent. She ride the the red transit going to the university of the Philippines to meet the boy of his dream.

My summer vacation is doom. No more motivation to continue the violin lessons, the end of the era for summer board games. Who will save me now in the dance floor; all my partners will be boys again. Unlike Jade most girls have no interest on me. But I won’t let sorrow hurt me. I’m not going to carry this burden alone. I will pass it on, text broadcast my experience using my cellphone will see how people will react.

Tons of friendly text spam has arrived!!!

From Ms. Shane: I suggest that if you really love someone, grab hold with both hands and don’t let go.

From Marcus: let her know how you feel.

From Rica: Did you ever stop to think that she may have given up on you and decided to move on? Maybe she is afraid of telling you how she feels about you. Maybe she loves you.

From grandpa Yagit: I was in love with a beautiful young lady many years ago, never realized it because it had never happened before. Result was, I lost the one person I really feel I was meant to be with. You don’t want to have a lifetime of “what if…” or “I should have…”. Take it from me, it ain’t fun.

From Jonilo: Let her know before it is too late & let the chips fall where they may. Who knows, they may land right in your arms.

From teacher Catherine: I messed up once by not letting my true feelings show. I will never have the chance again. I do not know what the outcome would have been, but knowing the truth would be a lot easier than not ever knowing what might have been. Go for it.

4 Nigerian black guys! Riding in a jet black Toyota altis interrupt what I’m doing. They went out of the car the stereo is on a full volume a Michael buble version of for once in my life I have some one who needs me para ra ra ra ra ra….play. All 4 of them turn their heads look in the same direction. I’m too busy reading the text messages I didn’t realized the traffic didn’t move for about 20 minutes. I turn my self toward same direction as the Nigerians and I saw 100 meters away the red transit bus. I didn’t care what causes the traffic.

Please make my dreams come through. My walkathon, turn into jogging, jogging then turn into marathon. The adrenalin is flowing in my body. I can’t recall whether my foot is still touching the ground. But at 50 meters away the traffic is moving at 15 klm per hour I start to feel the decrease of gas in my body my breathing is heavy.  I’m almost there 30 meters away from the red bus. The traffic move 20 klm per hour the red signal light turn green with a little traffic, 5 meters away is the best I can do. With extra determination. Finally I’m toe to toe with the bus. My physical strength can’t stand the mean machine. I practically suck all the street dust and dirty smokes. I reach into my pocket grab some of the left over tokens from the arcade center and I start throwing it to jades view window. After 4 attempts I got her attention. She was surprised and disoriented to see me chasing her bus. Then I point my big thumb to my chest to say I, then I form a heart shape using my two hands to say love, then I point to her to say you. I had done all the gesture while running the marathon. Then she gave me the million dollar smile. She kiss her right palm long enough then she press it on the glass window of the red bus. Then i felt the feeling of relief. Its time to stop running and catch my breath. I stood there until the red bus transit hit the vanishing point.

Article link about the heavy traffic.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Story by Nonoy Manga


Nonoy Manga


A mysterious attractive woman with no personal record or bio data. Sold her chestnut brown, shit-tzu dog to the cleofas family. For the amount of 300 us dollars. She turns over the ownership of the dog to one of the cleofas daughter. On her way out of the house gate. The dog is shock with the turn of events. She becomes restless and agitated. With all her strength & might she escape from the custody of the young cleofas and sprint to the original owner. The mysterious woman picks her up. And speak to her as if the little shit-tzu has a mind of her own. In a very low voice tone, the woman said, I want you to promise me something, you will be good and loyal to your new owner. Master is going to a far place, and I’m affraid I’m not coming back anymore. This is the last time we are going to see each other. The little dog uses her tongue like an Armani handkerchief to dry the tears in face of the woman. The women removed the letter D pendant in her necklace and attach it to the dog collar.

Kirorov the zenith of all assassins with a reputation for one Shot one kill. Hired by the new Government to wipeout all the Entire team of Secret police black ops. The mission is highly classified. Secret police black ops are selected young men and women deadly assassin with unquestioning loyalty. A Military branch of the government in charge of counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.  Diana a member of secret police black ops was given a suicide mission. A rendezvous with pistolero master kirorov inside an abandoned mansion.

Kirorov control the higher ground in few moments of the gun fight, without firing a single a shot. He was flawless and very evasive. He used everything inside the mansion to his advantage. Diana exhausted all the rounds in her gun magazine. Except for one inside the gun barrel chamber. She knew from that moment she had no match with kirorov. Death is inevitable. Diana can’t find any opening to shot. She sends a message to kirorov. She decided to jump at middle of the spiral staircase and commit a suicide, by doing so she will gain an honorable death and steal the victory to Kirorov.

Kirorov cannot help him self, the idea was too insane. He still wanted to put the final nail to the coffin of his nemesis. He exposed him self to Diana. With a grin in his face. Diana out of nowhere fired her last shot on the way down. The grin face of kirorov cost him the delayed in his reaction. Kirorov return fire. Diana buried one bullet in between the eye of kirorov. Kirorov hit Diana in the left eyeball, and then the body of Diana slams hard in the concrete floor. Diana was killed in an instant. Kirorov kept his perfect record intact One shot one Kill. But Diana put an end to the long luxurious career of kirorov and saves the entire team of secret police black ops from annihilation.

A link to the original secret police Article.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Story by Nonoy Manga


Nonoy Manga

The tale of the tape

Street king a professional mobile phone snatcher.

Age 17

Achievements he holds the record for snatching the most number of high end mobile phones.

Special skills inborn sprinter, natural brawler, street wise.

Weakness no formal training.

Pink bunny a 4th year high school student

Age 17

She hold the country  no. 2 record in 100 meter dash. 10.5 second

Special skills track and field, Trained by a former Olympian, Orientation scientific. Other skills mix martial arts.

Weakness hot temper.

The race is on. Pink Bunnies iPhone 4s received a text message. She opens her bag pullout the cellphone and Check the text message. It didn’t take long street king behind her back sneak and snatch the iPhone 4s. Pink Bunny got stunned and disoriented it cost her 1.5 second. Street king had a decent lead. Pink Bunny breathes in a big chunk of air in here lungs then fired her self like a 44 magnum cartridge. After 5 second Pink Bunny close the gap. At 6 second Pink Bunny flew into the air open her legs like a pair of scissor. Street king accidentally steps on a plastic candy wrapper lost balance it cost him a vital time. Pink bunny jackpot caught street king right on the torso. Street king stumble on the ground. Pink Bunny apply her ground game a Brazilian Gracie Jujitsu submission, street king tap out in 3. Pink Bunny not satisfied. She shows her wolverine claws and then buried the razor sharp blade nails to street king’s neck and face. Pink Bunny still not happy she eye poke street king. Ram his head into the concrete asphalt. Then more sadistic beating and verbal assault to come. Street bystander like paparazzi Cellphone camera start flashing everywhere taking live footages.

The Rematch Litigation in the court room. Pink Bunny filed a theft and robbery charges against street king.

Street king filed counter charges against Pink Bunny aggravated assault, multiple physical injury, frustrated man slaughter, in human behavior, attempted murder, disfigured face, sadism, uncontrolled behavior, violation of human rights. Street king presented countless numbers of eye witness with actual video footages to strengthen his case.

Court Verdict. Street king got 6 months community service. While Pink bunny got 1 count aggravated assault, 5 counts of physical injury, 1 count attempted murder, frustrated man slaughter, pink bunny will pay all the hospital bills of street king including medicine and facial restoration. Amounting to 50,000 us dollars. 1 year anger management treatment. 1 year community service. The epic war of the roses begun.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Story by Nonoy Manga

Cheers Nonoy Manga


About 2 months ago I saw in a live television GMA channel 7 captured by a CCTV camera 4 motor cycle gunmen riding in tandem. They carjack the 4×4 vehicle right in the busy traffic street of metro Manila. Inside the vehicle driver seat the father a money changer owner beside him the wife and a 13 year old child. 4 gunmen demanded for a bag of money. The father refuses to give. The gunman didn’t hesitate he shoot the father at gun point Multiple times. The wife went out of the vehicle seek help to the bystanders in the street but nobody responded. The Gunmen Took the bag of money at will then leaved the crime scene.

The story of key is very similar to this event. It’s about parents or guardian who had list of great plans for their children but fail to carry on due to some unforeseen events. It’s about Parents who failed to complete their mission in life.

Meet Tokiko “Key” Mima’s a regular 13-year-old girl. Pale, emotionless, a completely human looking cybernetic clone that lives in a farming valley in present day Japan. From her creation, her doting “grandfather” has been helping her to grow, in body and spirit. Her grandfather a brilliant scientist has just died in an “orchestrated accident”. Now he is gone, leaving only one cryptic clue: make 30,000 friends, and she will be truly human. What does this impossible-seeming task really mean? How does one make so many friends, especially when she is a lonely android unknowing of the human heart? The journey of key is about a robot struggling to gain humanity.

a link to the actual carjacking news.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Sci-fi Story by Hiroaki Satô


Nonoy Manga

Loosely base on the encounter of a real estate agent Mrs. Zenaida Cleofas with the supernatural.

Not everything that glitters is gold. When a real estate property changed hands 5 times in less than 1 year. Something must be very wrong. A series of bizarre unexplained things happened to a real estate agent the moment she steps inside the perimeter of the villa.

The powder room. Inside a very quiet 2 cubicle space. She heard strange movement, flushing of the toilet in one of the cubicle. But when she checks the compartment partition. No living soul is present. The bowl is dried to the bottom. Reserved water tank is empty, for a long period of time. Rust stain is visible but Lacking of precipitation or humidity.

The houses of cards.The hallway of the villa are very narrow and claustrophobic. Most the rooms had multiple doors. It makes it Impossible for you to locate your way back to the building exit. The place had no mirrors or sign of reflections. Most of the room are too silent and contain. Un-affected from the noise of the outside world. The smell of the rooms mostly formalin and cordite. The room temperature is freezing, air are tin difficult to breath just like in a high altitude.

Cutting edge of technology. Mobile phone doesn’t work in the area. She tries to google her way out of the situation using 3G data signal. All she got are strange looking characters appearing in her mobile phone screen. The walls had an inner layer of lead plate. The only remaining used of the cellphone is the illumination of the LCD screen. Served as a handy flash light.

The Nervous breakdown. After wondering inside the villa for more than 6 hours with no food, water and detached with the outside civilization. She realized she is no longer in control of her life. The feeling is like your mind is too occupied with problems and you accidentally chopped 3 of your fingers by a cleaver while your preferring a regular dishes in the kitchen. Or while driving in a local neighborhood a mind lapse occurred you suddenly run over a kid while he tries to cross the street. She passes the stages of Frustration, shock, Fear, and then the acceptance of reality prevails.

Gravity. To quantify the problem at hand.Things crisscross inside her mind. Imagine your are in an open sea then one of your leg cramp. Normally most people will be drowned. Due to panic. But according to the expert in the field of swimming. You still have 2 arms and another leg. If you can deal with pain in one of the your leg. You can still manage to get out of the situation. By using your 2 arms to swim and one leg as flipper. The scenario in the villa is not as bad as compared to survival in the open sea. 90% of the problem in the real world can be solved by money. Used it if you can. Buy your self out of trouble. While the remaining 10% monetary value has no meaning. Just like being trap inside the intense aversion villa.

Pulling out all the stops. It’s getting late. I have to regroup my self and look for a way out. I need to find some kind of a pattern. After a random visit to all the different rooms. She notices one of the doors is very distinctive. It has a touch of elegance. By mere curiosity she open the door. A big gray tone, moody atmospheric ballroom surprises her. On the left side an old Baldwin grand piano. It automatically plays by it self, Gymnopedie no.1 by Erik Sati without a present of a pianist. She sat on the floor and rests her back to the ballroom wall. The melody relaxed her. All The corners of the room had a pitch black shape shifters inside some unknown entities. As the melody progresses the pitch black images occupy the bigger area of the room. Time is running out.Think, she slap her face, think dammit, think, she pulls her hair, remember something significant!

The mirage. A long time ago. Grandpa was trap in similar situation in the woods. On his way home he saw the family house 200 meters away. Grandpa walks hours and hours but no matter how many hundreds of steps he takes he cannot reach the point of destination. According to grandpa he was able to free him self by accident. The only thing he can remember, His t-shirt is soak with sweat due to perspiration. He removed the t-shirt and squeezes it. Upon doing so he accidentally wear the t-shirt in a reverse manner when he wear it back. When he starts to continue his course he notice the family house is getting closer and closer as he moves alone. The story becomes folklore in the province.

The Weapon of choice. The piano music is about to wind down. The pitch black shape shifters occupy more than 90% of the area. All of a sudden she started hearing razor sharp claws scratching the wooden ballroom walls. A burst of loud scream of disturbs entities. Voices of Hate, grudges and anger all over the place. Loud Stamping in the floors and ceiling. Smell of dead animals. Unpleasant Steam coming out from a nostril of the beast. Before the piano music end she about to finish reversing all her outfit start from bottom going to the top. At the time the piano play the last note. She slowly stood up tired, her arms are weary. She Wipe the tears in her eyes and deliver her final oration. In front of the fiendish crowd. She did it at the top of her lungs. She said I have no doubt I’m going to die! But I hate disappoint all of you. Not today! I have a son name “Nonoy” and he is waiting for me. I intend to go home. I’m going to see him finish his high school course, get a college degree, he will find a decent job, he will marry a respectable woman, he will have his son’s and daughter’s, I will grow old and happy. And that’s the only term and condition I will agree upon. Before I face my creator. Out of her right palm she open a make up kit with a mirror. Then face it against them. Then she starts to march forward and recite Psalm 23.

The Lord is my shepherd,

I shall not want;

He makes me lie down in green pastures.

He leads me beside still waters;

He restores my soul.

He leads me in paths of righteousness

For His name’s sake.

Even though I walk through the valley

Of the shadow of death,

I fear no evil;

For you are with me;

Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me

All the days of my life;

And I shall dwell in the house of the

Lord forever.

Alls quiet at the western front. At time she finished the recital. She bumps on a brass metal door nub. She turns it clockwise and a bright sun shine touch her face. She is right in a middle of an asphalt road. A High speed taxi stop in front her. The passenger door open. She ride, there are unknown characters in the plate name. But the two ending number are 23.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Story by Nonoy Manga


Nonoy Manga

Loosely base on a real life story of Rica, Allyson, Shane, Marcus, Jonilo and  Nonoy Manga

On a clear day you can see forever. Nonoy Manga circa 2009. I was in 6 grade. I had a very strong affection with my best friend Allyson, the anime chick in the school.  A real live K-ON character that looks like Mio. I practically spend 90% of my time with her. We study, play, laugh, and eat together. The feeling was like in heaven. Until one morning i had a rude awakening. There is one serious problem. Allyson is not in love with Nonoy. She had no love interest with the artist. Allyson is too much attached to her newly found modern  high-tech toys and computers. Less and less of her I see every day. The days of the classic are numbered. I cry to high heaven to grant my wish! To bring my best friend back to her senses. But the Gods did not listen to me. I can’t accept how fast things had change. Everything is too late. Her eyes are all focus with Marcus. The gadget boy in the school.

Some like it hot. Even cute girls had their bad days. Marcus had zero attraction with a cartoon character looking chicks. What Marcus wants is a real woman. Like Shane middle initial “the body”.  The Best of house wife and the best of FHM model at a young age.

Reality check. The notion of Unstylish computer boy going out with the bombshell Happens only in dreams. Shane is not allures with nerd boy like Marcus. Shane love interest is the hunk Jonilo. A natural born athlete with the dexterity of Tarzan. A basketball super star that can do all sort of arial tricks.

Missing in action.  Jonilo a dynamo boy. Find home body Shane boring. Jonilo is craving for thrill and excitement for a girl. The character of Rica fits like a glove for Jonilo. Rica is a young girl with a face of an angel & a body builds for a ramp models. A natural devilish girl. A Femme fetale. Too tough for her own good. Rica is always enigmatic and unpredictable. She gets pleasure by polluting the minds of the young boys.  For Jonilo, Rica is the perfect trophy girl.

The agony of defeat. Rica was a born sadist. She will lift your spirit, then drop you like a hot potato. She rips a suitor’s heart just like tissue papers. What Rica wants is Nonoy, somebody she can kick in the nuts and scared the living day light out of the him. Rica despised the mental position of Jonilo. She find Jonilo Tarzan attitude too bravado for her taste. What Rica wants is total control. Not being dominated. The idea of a sadist and masochist always play in the depths of her mind. To Rica the Character of Jonilo had no place in her world. She quickly end the quest of Jonilo like a Ravage gladiator inside the death arena. During the middle ages the church called this practice “Excommunicatus”.

To Right the Unrightable wrong. When Rica break the news to Nonoy about Allyson eye balling with Marcus. The naive heart of Nonoy shatters, like a crystal glass pitcher with a strawberry flavored cool aid juice. Rapidly hitting a solid granite floor. Red liquid Splash all over the place. Fast forward, instead of dwelling to his bitter fate. Nonoy found a new love interest with Rica. She is like mana straight from heaven. A medicinal patch to a hole in the chest. A healing companion. In fact Nonoy’s mother gave the seal of approval. She fined Rica a girl with astonishing beauty. Highly recommended. If your criteria is purely appearance and still pictures. In the coming days. The more Nonoy learned about Rica the more Nonoy distance him self. What Nonoy cannot accept is how Rica terrorist his daily school life. The voice of Rica alone is like a buzz saw. She got an annoying personality. It is very difficult for Nonoy to win an argument. In between class Rica play around with her solid all steel mini hammer. To intimidate classmates and control the level of happiness inside the class room. In effect it terrified Nonoy the most. He doesn’t enjoy his life anymore. Nonoy practically spend most of his time in the school hiding. Either in the janitor closet or library.

Diamondiferous. To all the people Nonoy meet in his entire school life. Rica is the most organized, transparent, never a hypocrite. What you see to Rica is what you get. She can be a very successful business woman in the future.

The sum of all fears. The situation is more twisted than a pretzel factory. So we all moved on with our lives. Like little puppies. We all graduated in the six grades. Less the idea of a little romance.

The element of what might had been. 3 years had past and we decided to call each other for a reunion. We rented a private pool and have a swimming party together. During diner time we started talking about our lives and love interest. Especially during grade school days. And we realized how complex the situation then. All of us stood our ground. None of us actually back out. No body gives a damn about the feelings of the other person. My inferred proposition of syllogism. May be we are just a bunch of selfish Teenagers. Or we don’t know the real meaning of the word Love.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Story by Nonoy Manga


Nonoy Manga



Hand drawn by yours truly.

Imagine right before your eyes. Sea levels have risen significantly, inundating coastal cities such as Yokohama, Mount Fuji erupted in living memory, and climate change has occurred. With the seasons being less pronounced, the winters are milder and the summer isn’t scorching anymore. The reduced human population has reverted to a simpler life, and the reader is told this is the twilight of the human age.

Besides enumerating the indulgence of the Prophet Doom.

Life on planet earth is not as bad as you think. To all the lucky survivors. You don’t need to wake up 4:00 am in the morning to prefer you’re self for a big task in the office. There is no more heavy traffic in the street. You don’t need to wrestle your way in the commuters train. No need to worry about increasing prices of oil and consumer goods. No more mountain of paper works in the office station. No angry customer. No rush service. You don’t need to hide from a tax man. No expensive electric bills. No need to worry about your credit standing. A Sudden disappearance of demanding bosses.

Your new alarm clock is crowing at the break of dawn (“cock-a-doodle-doo”) a rooster.  You can wake up in bed at any time you wish. Take your morning breakfast free from high anxiety. Write your beloved poem with out a hustle. Practice your photography as long as you want, listen to birds, go fishing, paint nature, do home improvement at your pace. Read your favorite books. No war only peace. Back to basic.

Rather than get all angsty about how civilisation is slowly but inexorably fading away, the survivors enjoy a peaceful and idyllic life, full of reflection and wonder for the world around them. Nobody gets stressed, angry or downbeat; they go about their usual routines with moments of sadness or disappointment met with quiet resignation. The English phrases “life goes on,” “the good old days,” or “these things happen…” are summed up with one succinct phrase that encompasses poignancy and bittersweet sentiment.

In Quiet Country Cafe Meet Alpha Hatsuseno an android (“robot person”) who runs an out of the way coffee shop, Café Alpha, on the lonely coast of the Miura Peninsula of Japan, while her human “owner” is on a trip of indefinite length. Though she spends much of her time alone, Alpha is cheerful, gregarious, and unlike the slowly declining humans. Alpha is Immortal.

Comic Manga- Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou: never has a dystopia looked so beautiful.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō is a science fiction manga written by Hitoshi Ashinano.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō won the 2007 Seiun Award for best science fiction comic.


Nonoy Manga

During my Greek Mythology class my professor told us to draw one mythological God or Hero. Most of my classmates choose to draw the popular one like Perseus, Zeus, Hercules, Aphrodite. While Me I choose to draw Hera. Because I find her very intriguing.

A young beautiful woman, said to be the most beautiful of all goddesses, even beating out Aphrodite.

Interesting Fact: Hera is said to restore her virginity each year by bathing in Kanathos, a sacred spring. One tale suggests Hera used magic to force Zeus into marrying her in a secret ceremony. Given some of Zeus’s later behavior, perhaps it was a secret even from him. Other tales have Zeus seducing her, in the form of a damp cuckoo bird seeking refuge in her lap during a storm.

The Story of Argus – sometimes I think the origin of these being are from another world or may be an alien being. Argus has a special ability to see everything around him like a modern CCTV surveillance cameras. No matter how strong and fast his opponent he can always telegraph an attack. He can evade and do a counter attack.

Hera almost caught Zeus with a mistress named Io, a fate avoided by Zeus turning Io into a beautiful white heifer. However, Hera was not completely fooled and demanded that Zeus give her the heifer as a present.

Once Io was given to Hera, she placed her in the charge of Argus to keep her separated from Zeus. Zeus then commanded Hermes to kill Argus, Hermes, disguised as a shepherd, first put all of Argus’s eyes asleep with spoken charms, and then slew him by hitting him with a stone, the first stain of bloodshed among the new generation of gods. In Ovid’s interpolation, when Hera learned of Argus’ death, she took his eyes and placed them in the plumage of the peacock, accounting for the eye pattern in its tail 39. Hera then sent a gadfly Greek oistros, compare oestrus to sting Io as she wandered the earth. Eventually Io settled in Egypt, where according to Ovid she became the Egyptian goddess Isis.


Nonoy Manga

If you think drawing anime is difficult think again.

Learn to navigate window screen pause, forward and backward key.

Method of drawing is simple. Make a drawing guide slide 1. Used pencil. Then Copy everything you see in the screen. After slide 3 erased drawing guide. Then apply color and shade if you desire.In the coming days I will release more simple anime drawing. In the likes of naruto characters, dragon ball z, k-on, bleach, one piece, full metal alchemy, fairytale etc.

Good luck

Nonoy Manga


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Today inspiration. I’m a 17 years old first time blogger. I started my blog last January 2012. My blog is about manga drawings, drawing lessons and mis-adventures. After 2 months and 23 days bang 100 followers.

Is this real? Thank you guys so much For your enthusiasm And support! You have no idea how happy this makes me.


Nonoy Manga

Original drawing by yours truly.

In the Month of Love. 2 Teenage Girls, 2 stories. One live in the Philippines. The other one haft way around the world.  In South Africa. both had a promising future. Until they meet their perpetrator. One died the other one fought back and Live.

I’m also a teenager just like the 2 victims. But this post is not about inspirational chit chat. It is more of a lesson in survival.

Caution the following articles are not mine. But from a reputable news paper company and news site. The article is brutal and morbid. Read if you desire.

Article from Philippine Daily Inquirer:

Girl found dead in Los Baños

10:32 pm | Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

LAGUNA—a 14-year-old high school student was found dead, with marks indicating she could have also been raped, in Los Baños, Laguna, yesterday.

Supt. Dante Novicio, the Los Baños police chief, said in a phone interview that a resident found the victim’s body in a banana plantation in Barangay Batong Malake past 9 a.m.

Initial police reports said a pair of jogging pants the victim wore was tied around her neck, which may had been used to strangle her to death.

“Her underwear was also removed,” said Novicio, although autopsy results have yet to be completed to confirm if the victim was sexually abused.

Police identified the victim as a second year student of Batong Malake National High School. She used to sell sampaguita leis to earn extra money, Novicio said, quoting the victim’s neighbors.

Police requested that the identity of the victim be withheld. The victim’s family has been informed although they have yet to give a statement to police.

In October last year, a student from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), Given Grace Cebanico, was murdered and raped, prompting tighter security inside the university compound and in the surrounding villages of Batong Malake and San Antonio.

Cebanico was abducted by the suspects, a tricycle driver and a bank security guard who were later arrested, near her dormitory in Barangay Batong Malake, but her body was found in a remote portion of the UPLB campus in Barangay Putho-Tuntingin. Maricar Cinco, Inquirer Southern Luzon

Article from: News24 Home > South Africa

2012-02-27 22:30

Johannesburg – A teenager bit off a man’s tongue while he was raping her in Masoyi, near Hazyview, Mpumalanga police said on Monday.

The 17-year-old girl was held up by an armed man and his accomplice, and dragged into bushes on Saturday, Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Hlathi said in a statement.

The man with the gun told his partner to fetch alcohol and some friends to gang rape the girl. He then forcefully undressed her and began to rape her.

“In the process, the suspect tried to kiss the victim, but she bit off his tongue and ran to nearby houses for help,” he said. Police were alerted, tracked down the man and arrested him.

He was being kept under police guard in hospital, but was expected to appear in the Kabokweni Magistrate’s Court when he was discharged.

Nonoy Manga

I enter the room. The scent of Dolce and Gabbana perfume is in the air. Laser light flashing right on my face. The room is full pact with party people. All of them are dress to kill. The DJ play the sound track of the movie “The Shinning Through”. in title “I’ll Be Seeing You”. Every one dance in a very slow pace.

Gee it’s a painful thing to a loner guy like me. I saw my crush 150 meters away. around a dozen Romeo’s asking her for a dance. It gives me no option but to cut through the dance floor, take my chances. mid way across the dance floor I accidentally collided to her path. I pause for a few second I can’t believed all the blocks just fall  in the right place. Before i open my lips. Somebody tap my arm. owe its Abella the school Paparazzi. He said to me. Let me take a picture it may last longer. I try to move my body near to my crush. But I’m to shy. She instead  hook her arm in my shoulder. To enhance the situation. It turn out to be a  memorable romantic portrait.

The next day I got a copy of the photo, in my Facebook account. I immediately show it to her. She was delighted by the result of the snap shot. These may not mean anything to others. But for a kid like me. It’s big time. These may be the start of something wonderful. All of this things may not be possible with out the help of Abella. Thank you my friend. Now to share this wonderful moment to my WordPress followers & friends. I converted the photo into an Anime illustration.


Nonoy Manga

If you think drawing anime is difficult think again.

Learn to navigate window screen pause, forward and backward key.

Method of drawing is simple. Make a drawing guide slide 1. Used pencil. Then Copy everything you see in the screen. After slide 3 erased drawing guide. Then apply color and shade if you desire.In the coming days I will release more simple anime drawing. In the likes of naruto characters, dragon ball z, k-on, bleach, one piece, full metal alchemy, fairytale etc.

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Hand Drawn by Yours truly. Deadman Wonderland Character. Leading Lady, A mysterious albino girl that Ganta encountered during his first days as an inmate. Clothed only in a skin-tight bodysuit and large gloves, which help conceal her heavily scarred skin, Shiro stands out among the other prisoners due to her bizarre appearance and mannerisms. To Ganta, Shiro’s manner of speaking and acting remind him of a small child, even though Shiro is the same age as him. However, Shiro possesses inhuman physical abilities and has an intimate knowledge of the prison, having apparently lived there most of her life.

If you like dark, gory, and psychological sci-fi than you should definitely pick up Deadman Wonderland. Set in a future where Tokyo is under the sea, it revolves around the story of Ganta, a young boy who is blamed for the slaughter of an entire classroom of his peers. He is thus vanquished to “Deadman Wonderland”, which is not only a prison but also a tourist attraction.

If you want fresh new Anime stories. It’s highly Recommended.


Nonoy Manga

It’s not what you think. Call it Superstition or Fear of the unknown.

For most Asian. Dreaming about Water and Flood. Is not a good sign. It will not bring any good luck. Be preferred, in the coming days. Observed the events that will come to your life.

First night I saw a woman in a flooded room. Next dream over flowing water coming from the window of my bed room. Next water flowing in the ceiling of my bed room. Next water flood soak the engine of the family car. Next passenger Bus sunk in the river. Last flood water enters the living room of our house.

The following events happen in sequence, in real life. We encounter 3 car accidents. People supporting my education lost their job and business. Grand mother died instantly in the hospital. Electric meter started a house fire. It burns the front end of our house. It’s like I was in a middle of a whirl wind. I feel numb after few days. I just have to steadfast. Hoping wishing everything will just return to normal. All of these events happen a year ago. Some dreams served as warning. To prefer us to such events. That will occur in the future.

Original drawing in Pencil, Hand drawn on bond paper. Scan trace back on sketch book pro. Above story is my inspiration.

Nonoy Manga



If you think drawing anime is difficult think again.

Learn to navigate window screen pause, forward and backward key.

Method of drawing is simple. Make a drawing guide slide 1. used pencil. Then Copy everything you see In the screen. After slide 3 erased drawing guide. Then apply color and shade if you desire.In the coming days I will release more simple anime drawing. In the likes of naruto characters, dragon ball z, k-on, bleach, one piece, full metal alchemy, fairytale etc.

Good luck

Nonoy Manga


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Original Drawing, Hand Drawn. My geometry professor did not show up. I have a full hour to play around. Instead I decided to stay in the canteen. To take some quick snack. I sat at one of the empty table. The place is very quiet. One of those relaxing morning free from stress.

After a few moments a horse stamping walk girl arrived at the scene. She sat in the next table in front of mine. And she happens to be my crush in the 4th year class. She is too busy reading some text messages from her iPhone 4s. A lot of things are running inside my head.  This cute chick will disappear forever lest than a month from now. She will go to college and meet some basket ball star. Or may be some law student. Stupid of me to let my chance past bye.

Then I heard a voice calling my name. Hi mark. I was thinking so deep I didn’t notice her actually calling me. So I make gesture. She is whispering something. Her voice is too low I can’t hear it. May be it’s my ear, a side effect from listening to loud music through a pair of Grado headphones.

She notice something is wrong. She stood pull up her food tray. Ready to move to my table. As a gentleman I do the same thing. Pay respect to a lady. She turns left out of the table. I do the same thing. She breathe heavily. As I do. She stood like a model ready for the cat walk. Her eyes focus on mine, lock like a laser beam. Eye ball to eye ball.  No time to lose. I move forward. She does the same. I want everything to move fast. But it seems. Its one of those moment. My muscle body contract. Everything seems to be terribly slow. She smile. I acknowledge. I move in, she do the same. She is faster than me. She wants to say something very important. Before she deliver the first line. Out of nowhere one platoon of ROTC cadet steps in our way. Somebody just sucked in the beautiful moment. The situation is like a flower surrounded by poisonous torn. As I’ve said earlier she’s very popular with the boys. I did warn you in my about page welcome to drawings and misadventures of Nonoy Manga.

Above story is my inspiration to this sketch art.

Originally Drawn in Mongol Pencil on Bond paper. Scan, then trace back using sketchbook pro.


Nonoy Manga

If you think drawing anime is difficult think again.

Learn to navigate window screen pause, forward and backward key.

Method of drawing is simple. Make a drawing guide slide 1. used pencil. Then Copy everything you see In the screen. After slide 2 erased drawing guide. Then apply colors and shades if you desire.In the coming days I will release more simple anime drawing. In the likes of naruto, dragon ball z, k-on, bleach, one piece, full metal alchemy, fairytale etc.

Good luck

Nonoy Manga

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Original drawing, Hand drawn my inspiration as follow.

 When was the last time you listen to a song from the heart?

In the world of modern music. populated by rock, rap, hip hop, r&b and techno pop. I accidentally bump into a cd in my uncles music collection. a 1974 album re-issue of Sergio Mendes. a Brazilian music Song writer arranger. In title “Waiting for Love”. I run the track to my Marantz cd 5400, Audiolab 8000a integrated amplifier with Epos 11 pair of speakers.

My initial feeling as if I’m diving in slow-motion  into the depth of my soul. Account of event flash right before my eyes. Moving, Lost opportunities, regret, hope. No time to think. an appeal to a repeated mistake. Haunting, sad and at the same time a feeling of contentment. It’s a breeze to ear. Something that will cultivate human emotion. A very different mood as compared to the current crop of music. A musical tune singing in the heart of a lonely naive person. I Presume These song was written at the time when human being still believe in love. It’s not for everyone but it definitely works for me. So I decided to sketch up the complex  obsolete disturbance I perceived.

 Original drawing in Mongol Pencil on bond paper. then I trace and color it with sketchbook pro.


Nonoy Manga

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