A mysterious attractive woman with no personal record or bio data. Sold her chestnut brown, shit-tzu dog to the cleofas family. For the amount of 300 us dollars. She turns over the ownership of the dog to one of the cleofas daughter. On her way out of the house gate. The dog is shock with the turn of events. She becomes restless and agitated. With all her strength & might she escape from the custody of the young cleofas and sprint to the original owner. The mysterious woman picks her up. And speak to her as if the little shit-tzu has a mind of her own. In a very low voice tone, the woman said, I want you to promise me something, you will be good and loyal to your new owner. Master is going to a far place, and I’m affraid I’m not coming back anymore. This is the last time we are going to see each other. The little dog uses her tongue like an Armani handkerchief to dry the tears in face of the woman. The women removed the letter D pendant in her necklace and attach it to the dog collar.

Kirorov the zenith of all assassins with a reputation for one Shot one kill. Hired by the new Government to wipeout all the Entire team of Secret police black ops. The mission is highly classified. Secret police black ops are selected young men and women deadly assassin with unquestioning loyalty. A Military branch of the government in charge of counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.  Diana a member of secret police black ops was given a suicide mission. A rendezvous with pistolero master kirorov inside an abandoned mansion.

Kirorov control the higher ground in few moments of the gun fight, without firing a single a shot. He was flawless and very evasive. He used everything inside the mansion to his advantage. Diana exhausted all the rounds in her gun magazine. Except for one inside the gun barrel chamber. She knew from that moment she had no match with kirorov. Death is inevitable. Diana can’t find any opening to shot. She sends a message to kirorov. She decided to jump at middle of the spiral staircase and commit a suicide, by doing so she will gain an honorable death and steal the victory to Kirorov.

Kirorov cannot help him self, the idea was too insane. He still wanted to put the final nail to the coffin of his nemesis. He exposed him self to Diana. With a grin in his face. Diana out of nowhere fired her last shot on the way down. The grin face of kirorov cost him the delayed in his reaction. Kirorov return fire. Diana buried one bullet in between the eye of kirorov. Kirorov hit Diana in the left eyeball, and then the body of Diana slams hard in the concrete floor. Diana was killed in an instant. Kirorov kept his perfect record intact One shot one Kill. But Diana put an end to the long luxurious career of kirorov and saves the entire team of secret police black ops from annihilation.

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Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Story by Nonoy Manga


Nonoy Manga