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Dead Movie Writers

Is the title of my on going short 3d animation movie project. i created all the original characters, animation and the story. Practically a home made one man show. I’m working on these during my free time. I just wish I had a more powerful computer to Render the scene. so i don’t have to stay awake till the wee hours of the morning. The current machine I have is only an i5 Lenovo laptop. it moves like an old horse with a cart. Here are The trailer and the poster. Anyway enjoy. In the coming days I will be posting the individual character models.

Back story

An Urban Legend. A Mysterious individuals capable of taking human life. Or swapping your soul with another person from another time period. They are nor good or evil.

They have this place called The Senator. They are showing more than 2 dozen movies. At a time. But you are only allowed to watch one movie, the story of your life. How it started and how it will end.

After watching your life story. They will give you an option to continue with your present life or choose another path. Among the other movies currently showing in the theater. With no clear notion how everything will turnout in the end.

The DMW only targeted insignificant individual. The less important once in the society.

The origin of the DMW is incomprehensible.

Johnny mysteriously lost her Girlfriend Cindy. And he is determined to get her back at all costs.

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