200 year after Spain colonized Philippines in the province of Capiz, city of Roxas in the narrow river of Banica, two young alchemist couple Claire and Julius. Is about to make a breakthrough in the field of medicine. Cholera an epidemic Infection is about to be undone.

A multiple eye’s strange creature lurking, moving inside the mist of the narrow river. Closing the gap between them and the two alchemists. Out of the reduce visibility they assume a body form, a walnut stock of a blunderbuss Rifle appear from the fog. It assaults the back head of the male alchemy. Out of the dark mist 8 military men in uniform shows up. A malicious grin in their faces. They gang rape the lady alchemy.

2 days after the hideous crime. The couple file a formal criminal charges against the military officers. In the office of the Alcalde Mayor Damaso and in the church of Spanish head Padre Ethan. The case was dismissed immediately for lack of evidence. Instead the dogmatic Padre Ethan had them arrested for practicing the art of witchcraft.

They we’re send to prison. Then later on they we’re sentence for stoning.  Both of them we’re thrown in the 12 foot deep open ditch. Padre Ethan and his fellow citizen start throwing stones. While the Alcalde Mayor is watching, having a great time. Moments later, the faces of the 2 alchemist we’re both disfigure. Claire didn’t stand the continues blows, she stumble on the ground. Julius covered her and absorbs all the projectile. Before Julius pass away he whispered to Claire, avenge the injustice they did to us. A heavy rain falls. The crowd start to disappear. The alchemist we’re buried in the mad. Claire crawls out of the ditch using her bare hands and escape. Alone in the woods she grab some “talampunay herb” a strong pain killer. It helps her to continue her journey into the wilderness remote Laboratory.

3 weeks later she discovered that she was pregnant. A baby and broken bones. Create a big distraction to her plans. She can no longer avenge the death of her husband. Pain and anger Drives her mad. She modified the fetus inside her womb. She injected, potion from rare species, and hormones of a war horse. A hidden knowledge from the old world. In effect she altered the fetus into a bony humanoid creature with disproportionately long limbs, to the point that its knees reach above its head when it squats down. What a delightful way to bring a baby into the world. The creature boy think and talk like an ordinary human being but his physical appearances is build for combat. The face of vengeance isn’t always pretty.

12 years had past. Eco the humanoid boy ask her unhealthy mother why he can’t go to school just like the other kids. Claire pause and stares at Eco. She embraces the boy. Claire reply in a low tone. The world is so cruel to us. It didn’t give me enough option. I have to pass on the burden to you. Please stop dreaming about school, career and family. You are not for that purpose. You misunderstood the meaning of your existence. You are an instrument. Born into the world solely for the purpose of revenge. Then Claire gave Eco a box. Two days later Claire died in cholera. Eco buried her mother in the mountain. The humanoid boy cried, Tears are words heart cannot express.

Eco open the black box. He found a diary, list of names and instruction. A brown bottle of potion he needed to pour and rub to his skin. And a set of Damascus axe. He begins his journey.

He hunts down and killed the 7 of the 8 military men in uniform, who molested her mother. His final task is to kill Padre Ethan and Alcalde Mayor Damaso. Exactly 5 a.m  dawn He enter the fortress of Alcalde Mayor, it looks abandon. The place is silent like a mausoleum. He proceeds to the long corridor beside him the ghost of his father wearing a full battle gear. On his right side the soul of Claire carrying the sword of Justice. Eco’s confidence level and adrenalin is pumping up. He proceed, Eco saw a big wooden door at the end of the corridor. In front guarded by 11 Special Forces. A combination of foreign assassins, hunters, marksmen and murderers. All of them are equipped with exotic weapons. They are waiting there for hours. No sign of fear in their eyes. Eco slowly moves towards them for the kill. Eco stop, he heard the cranky noise, a trap door on the ceiling open, and a hunting net drop on him. He was ambushed.

Rifle man shots Eco on right shoulder, Hook man catches his left leg, Eco was down! Blade master buried his fighting knife to eco’s stomach. Then a heavy hammer crash Eco’s left jaw. Other weapon follows. Eco is in a blood bath Wounded. Double axe man slowly aligned the heavy blade in the neck of Eco, waiting to be drop. While Mr. Blunderbuss cock the hammer of the 60mm slug rifle in between the eyes of the humanoid boy. All of them are laughing at him. Just like when they gang rape his mother. Just like when they sentence them for stoning. Eco cannot accept his fate. He shouts to high heaven. I am the instrument of death let me fulfil my destiny!

The blood bursting out of his wound, mix with the chemical he pours in his body. It creates a strange reaction. It sealed his wounds like a silicon antibiotics adhesive. Then a yellow smoke with a distinctive smell rises up, it enter the nostrils of the assassins. The red veins in their eyes enlarge. It creates a strong hallucination and wiggling effect to their heads. Mr. Blunderbuss notice a changed in the physical appearance of the double axe man. He doesn’t like what he saw. He shifts his aim to double axe man and squeeze the trigger. Double axe man is decapitated. Blade master stab blunderbuss underneath his chin pressed up and penetrating the roof of the skull then twist the knife handle. The event became a killing spree among them.

Eco recovered, he escaped the animal net trap. Now he realized his strength and durability. All he needs to do is to let his hand go. How easy he butchers the bodyguards in a brutal fashion. He kicks the Narra wooden door. It opens, he saw Alcalde mayor Damaso on the table dead. A bottle of hemlock is present. Fly’s roaming around his head. While Padre Ethan is crying like a Gay Pig in the Corner of the room. Eco sit beside Padre Ethan. Taking his golden opportunity to acquaint with the Padre. Eco said you know what Padre; I can’t change my past and my physical appearance anymore. Eco made a hand gesture in his face. But I can do something about our relationship. Padre Ethan saw some sign of Hope between the two them. Without a warning Eco chop off the limbs of Padre Ethan one by one. Parting words of Eco. Now we’re even. You can tell the world about your brief encounter with “The TIKBALANG”.


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Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Folklore Story by Nonoy Manga


Nonoy Manga