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If you look at a female anime drawing. Most often to a novice fun. the most challenging part to draw is the Eye. But if you following our method. You can actually do it in a matter of minutes. Learn to use the control in the window picture frame. pause, forward and backward keys. Watch & learn. Copy everything you see in the screen. Good luck!

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On the 70’s Bruce Lee was a hit. His film are legendary. Technically speaking there are other few martial arts movies that can match same intensity. One example is the King Boxer aka five fingers of death. But my inspiration with these Graphic Drawing has notting to do with revenge. where a typical stereotype hero student master, was killed by a Japanese martial artist. No no. My inspiration was BadAss, Anti hero Ma Yongzhen. A laborer who bust his tail to the under world ladder. It’s a Battle Royal of street Gang leaders. Its ultra violent, bone crashing, blood, sweat and tears movie. If you recall director Brian De Palma 1983 movie “Scarface” staring Al Pacino. Here is where The director got all the cool ideas. And the title of this film is non other than “Boxer from Shantung”.

Thats the title of my Pilot Manga Comics.

The plot is about a Romantic Comedy. A clash of 2 opposing world in the school campus.

A chaotic world of tetsuo kureshima. an idiot who wreck stuffs in the school.
and do reckless things. He even had a reputation of being a trouble maker when he was in the elementary. Right after he finish grade school. He move on to Tokinawa High. On the first day of class. He was a gentleman and generous person. The next day he turn into doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing. He swap door sign for Men & Women’s comport room. All hell just brakes loose.

The Neo Nazi world Kana Mizuki. The only person who could stop him. A head leader of a school council. A straight arrow girl. She’s got the looks & the grades. obsessed with spotless clean school. Being exactly opposite personality with tetsou. She develop some instant attraction to him. A feeling she cannot comprehend. Most of the time she can’t stand tetsou antics. It leaves her no option but to retaliate and torture the “School Crashers”

Here are my Grade School Drawings. the only device known to man then are Mongol pencil, writing papers and Crayons. Pokemon are hot like a potato to children.

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I got a Gift an Ipad 2 Xmas 2011. i have 2 stylus for my ipad 2. both are cheap. one did’nt last much. the other one is extremely durable. but too short. my uncle Jojo modified the stylus to make it work.  i did this in a full version of sketchbook pro apps.

Warning !!! it contain a lot of unsuitable Dialog for children. Rated PG. On Mid of the Great Recession 2008. me and my uncle Jojo had a second collaboration. we want to try a talking Animation. our equipment a Dell Mini 9, a boggy animation software running in window xp. this is our Lip Sync Debut.

On the Great Recession 2008. me and my uncle Jojo had nothing much to do. Netbook PC is still cool. we try to push it to the Max. we used some buggy substandard software for window xp and created this Animation. we have limited budget and limited hardware. its Hard but its fun.

This is my first WordPress Blog. in the coming Days i will post my old and new Manga Drawings, Graphics, Cartoons and Short Animation.


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