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A follow up to my earlier post  sketch in Mongol Pencil and Bond Paper. Here is the end result after applying line adjustment, highlight, shade and colors.


Nonoy Manga

Original Drawing, Hand Drawn. Equipment used in the drawing. Mongol Pencil, Bond Paper, Scanner, then I color and finish it with sketchbook pro.

My inspiration with these graphic art is the heroin Charlotte Ladram. in a superb thriller book by an English Author Robert Goddard. The book is a tour the force from the moment Beatrix open her first line. Up to the end. I have no option but to sketch up the Heroin. In an Anime form. To leave a lasting memory.

Book description

In her seaside cottage, Beatrix Abberley bravely confronts an intruder moments before her life is brutally taken. The crime stuns the elderly spinster’s family—especially Beatrix’s niece, Charlotte Ladram. But Charlotte has little time to mourn the loss of her beloved aunt and little patience when police quickly arrest a man Charlotte believes is innocent. For Charlotte, a harrowing quest for answers begins—one that will take her into the shadows of the past…and into the life and secrets of the dead woman’s brother, famed poet and casualty of the Spanish Civil War, Tristram Abberley.

Now, amid shattering revelations about her family, and in the aftermath of a second savage crime, Charlotte finds herself at the center of a widening storm. And for Charlotte, something extraordinary is beginning to happen. As fifty years of secrets begin to unravel, shy, cautious Charlotte is coming alive in the shadow of a mystery—uncovering a shocking tale of wartime greed and treachery, and a vendetta of violence seemingly without end….


Nonoy Manga.


I finish my periodical exam sooner than I though. While I’m waiting for my next class. I try to make my self busy. So I decided to sketch up this pair of eyes. Using my ever reliable Mongol Pencil and a piece of Bond Paper. My inspiration for this drawing is the cutest girl in the 4th year class. Once i finish applying all the necessary colors and correction I will post it again the final result. Cheers Nonoy Manga.

Pay attention with the following. the scale of the eye, nose, mouth, chin.


Baby 1 to 5 year old. big eyes, tiny nose, tiny mouth, big rounded chin

Kid 6 to 12 years old. follow the scale.

Teenager 13 to 19 years old. follow the scale.

Adult 20 to 40 years old. follow the scale.

Middle age 40 to 50 just add wrinkle. follow the scale.

Grandpa  60 to 80 more wrinkle, white semi bald hair. follow the scale.

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Good luck.

Back in the days when Sony PSP battle the mighty Nintendo DS.

 A science fiction RPG Game sprout In the scene. The title is “Super Robot Taisen” One unforgettable character capture my imagination. A hunter warrior on a mission to bring down a berserker Robot. name Arkwon unit rasetsu. A Hero Aledy went into a perilous journey in a hostile territory. To seek justice to the victims of Robot Arkwon. But By the time he faces his Nemesis its already too late. He is no longer fighting a Berserker Robot. the Robot Arkwon already found a Master to control him. The Diabolical Mr. Shiragato. The tired and worn-out, Aledy Nahash just realized. He is going to the point of no return. he bite more than he could chew.

 About the drawing. I’ve done this during my free time in the school. Using an iPod touch 4.0. Enjoy


A follow up to my early post in title “Rough Cut”. about this chick in the  4th year high school. the cast of green is a metaphor. she is the green apple of my eyes. For all of you who saw the sketch up version in Mongol Pencil and Bond Paper. here is the end product. enjoy.

A type of facial expression with Mix emotions.

14 crying smiling

15 relief

16 fright

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A type of facial expression to agitate mentally or spiritually.

11 surprise

12 troubled

13 thinking

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A type of facial expression with deep distress, sadness, or regret especially for the loss of someone or something loved

8 sorrow

9 crying

10 crying loudly

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A type of facial expression marked by extreme force or sudden intense activity.

5 being upset

6 anger

7 violent anger

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A nonverbal communication is actually more powerful than words.

Please go through the slide show. Control the frames forward, pause and backward. Study carefully each example. A type of facial expression finding amusement or pleasure in something.

1 emotionless expression

2 smile

3 laughter

4 loud laughter

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One of the lead character in “School Crashers” Manga comic I’m working on. List of equipment I used in these drawing.  Ipad2, Sketchbook Pro Apps and a broken rubber generic Stylus. Unfortunately I have to finish this drawing using my pointer finger. Gee The tip is chili pepper hot.

On the 70’s Bruce Lee was a hit. His film are legendary. Technically speaking there are other few martial arts movies that can match same intensity. One example is the King Boxer aka five fingers of death. But my inspiration with these Graphic Drawing has notting to do with revenge. where a typical stereotype hero student master, was killed by a Japanese martial artist. No no. My inspiration was BadAss, Anti hero Ma Yongzhen. A laborer who bust his tail to the under world ladder. It’s a Battle Royal of street Gang leaders. Its ultra violent, bone crashing, blood, sweat and tears movie. If you recall director Brian De Palma 1983 movie “Scarface” staring Al Pacino. Here is where The director got all the cool ideas. And the title of this film is non other than “Boxer from Shantung”.

Here are my Grade School Drawings. the only device known to man then are Mongol pencil, writing papers and Crayons. Pokemon are hot like a potato to children.

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I got a Gift an Ipad 2 Xmas 2011. i have 2 stylus for my ipad 2. both are cheap. one did’nt last much. the other one is extremely durable. but too short. my uncle Jojo modified the stylus to make it work.  i did this in a full version of sketchbook pro apps.

Warning !!! it contain a lot of unsuitable Dialog for children. Rated PG. On Mid of the Great Recession 2008. me and my uncle Jojo had a second collaboration. we want to try a talking Animation. our equipment a Dell Mini 9, a boggy animation software running in window xp. this is our Lip Sync Debut.

On the Great Recession 2008. me and my uncle Jojo had nothing much to do. Netbook PC is still cool. we try to push it to the Max. we used some buggy substandard software for window xp and created this Animation. we have limited budget and limited hardware. its Hard but its fun.

This is my first WordPress Blog. in the coming Days i will post my old and new Manga Drawings, Graphics, Cartoons and Short Animation.


Nonoy Cleofas

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