The tale of the tape

Street king a professional mobile phone snatcher.

Age 17

Achievements he holds the record for snatching the most number of high end mobile phones.

Special skills inborn sprinter, natural brawler, street wise.

Weakness no formal training.

Pink bunny a 4th year high school student

Age 17

She hold the country  no. 2 record in 100 meter dash. 10.5 second

Special skills track and field, Trained by a former Olympian, Orientation scientific. Other skills mix martial arts.

Weakness hot temper.

The race is on. Pink Bunnies iPhone 4s received a text message. She opens her bag pullout the cellphone and Check the text message. It didn’t take long street king behind her back sneak and snatch the iPhone 4s. Pink Bunny got stunned and disoriented it cost her 1.5 second. Street king had a decent lead. Pink Bunny breathes in a big chunk of air in here lungs then fired her self like a 44 magnum cartridge. After 5 second Pink Bunny close the gap. At 6 second Pink Bunny flew into the air open her legs like a pair of scissor. Street king accidentally steps on a plastic candy wrapper lost balance it cost him a vital time. Pink bunny jackpot caught street king right on the torso. Street king stumble on the ground. Pink Bunny apply her ground game a Brazilian Gracie Jujitsu submission, street king tap out in 3. Pink Bunny not satisfied. She shows her wolverine claws and then buried the razor sharp blade nails to street king’s neck and face. Pink Bunny still not happy she eye poke street king. Ram his head into the concrete asphalt. Then more sadistic beating and verbal assault to come. Street bystander like paparazzi Cellphone camera start flashing everywhere taking live footages.

The Rematch Litigation in the court room. Pink Bunny filed a theft and robbery charges against street king.

Street king filed counter charges against Pink Bunny aggravated assault, multiple physical injury, frustrated man slaughter, in human behavior, attempted murder, disfigured face, sadism, uncontrolled behavior, violation of human rights. Street king presented countless numbers of eye witness with actual video footages to strengthen his case.

Court Verdict. Street king got 6 months community service. While Pink bunny got 1 count aggravated assault, 5 counts of physical injury, 1 count attempted murder, frustrated man slaughter, pink bunny will pay all the hospital bills of street king including medicine and facial restoration. Amounting to 50,000 us dollars. 1 year anger management treatment. 1 year community service. The epic war of the roses begun.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Story by Nonoy Manga

Cheers Nonoy Manga