About 2 months ago I saw in a live television GMA channel 7 captured by a CCTV camera 4 motor cycle gunmen riding in tandem. They carjack the 4×4 vehicle right in the busy traffic street of metro Manila. Inside the vehicle driver seat the father a money changer owner beside him the wife and a 13 year old child. 4 gunmen demanded for a bag of money. The father refuses to give. The gunman didn’t hesitate he shoot the father at gun point Multiple times. The wife went out of the vehicle seek help to the bystanders in the street but nobody responded. The Gunmen Took the bag of money at will then leaved the crime scene.

The story of key is very similar to this event. It’s about parents or guardian who had list of great plans for their children but fail to carry on due to some unforeseen events. It’s about Parents who failed to complete their mission in life.

Meet Tokiko “Key” Mima’s a regular 13-year-old girl. Pale, emotionless, a completely human looking cybernetic clone that lives in a farming valley in present day Japan. From her creation, her doting “grandfather” has been helping her to grow, in body and spirit. Her grandfather a brilliant scientist has just died in an “orchestrated accident”. Now he is gone, leaving only one cryptic clue: make 30,000 friends, and she will be truly human. What does this impossible-seeming task really mean? How does one make so many friends, especially when she is a lonely android unknowing of the human heart? The journey of key is about a robot struggling to gain humanity.

a link to the actual carjacking news.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Sci-fi Story by Hiroaki Satô


Nonoy Manga