Loosely base on a real life story of Rica, Allyson, Shane, Marcus, Jonilo and  Nonoy Manga

On a clear day you can see forever. Nonoy Manga circa 2009. I was in 6 grade. I had a very strong affection with my best friend Allyson, the anime chick in the school.  A real live K-ON character that looks like Mio. I practically spend 90% of my time with her. We study, play, laugh, and eat together. The feeling was like in heaven. Until one morning i had a rude awakening. There is one serious problem. Allyson is not in love with Nonoy. She had no love interest with the artist. Allyson is too much attached to her newly found modern  high-tech toys and computers. Less and less of her I see every day. The days of the classic are numbered. I cry to high heaven to grant my wish! To bring my best friend back to her senses. But the Gods did not listen to me. I can’t accept how fast things had change. Everything is too late. Her eyes are all focus with Marcus. The gadget boy in the school.

Some like it hot. Even cute girls had their bad days. Marcus had zero attraction with a cartoon character looking chicks. What Marcus wants is a real woman. Like Shane middle initial “the body”.  The Best of house wife and the best of FHM model at a young age.

Reality check. The notion of Unstylish computer boy going out with the bombshell Happens only in dreams. Shane is not allures with nerd boy like Marcus. Shane love interest is the hunk Jonilo. A natural born athlete with the dexterity of Tarzan. A basketball super star that can do all sort of arial tricks.

Missing in action.  Jonilo a dynamo boy. Find home body Shane boring. Jonilo is craving for thrill and excitement for a girl. The character of Rica fits like a glove for Jonilo. Rica is a young girl with a face of an angel & a body builds for a ramp models. A natural devilish girl. A Femme fetale. Too tough for her own good. Rica is always enigmatic and unpredictable. She gets pleasure by polluting the minds of the young boys.  For Jonilo, Rica is the perfect trophy girl.

The agony of defeat. Rica was a born sadist. She will lift your spirit, then drop you like a hot potato. She rips a suitor’s heart just like tissue papers. What Rica wants is Nonoy, somebody she can kick in the nuts and scared the living day light out of the him. Rica despised the mental position of Jonilo. She find Jonilo Tarzan attitude too bravado for her taste. What Rica wants is total control. Not being dominated. The idea of a sadist and masochist always play in the depths of her mind. To Rica the Character of Jonilo had no place in her world. She quickly end the quest of Jonilo like a Ravage gladiator inside the death arena. During the middle ages the church called this practice “Excommunicatus”.

To Right the Unrightable wrong. When Rica break the news to Nonoy about Allyson eye balling with Marcus. The naive heart of Nonoy shatters, like a crystal glass pitcher with a strawberry flavored cool aid juice. Rapidly hitting a solid granite floor. Red liquid Splash all over the place. Fast forward, instead of dwelling to his bitter fate. Nonoy found a new love interest with Rica. She is like mana straight from heaven. A medicinal patch to a hole in the chest. A healing companion. In fact Nonoy’s mother gave the seal of approval. She fined Rica a girl with astonishing beauty. Highly recommended. If your criteria is purely appearance and still pictures. In the coming days. The more Nonoy learned about Rica the more Nonoy distance him self. What Nonoy cannot accept is how Rica terrorist his daily school life. The voice of Rica alone is like a buzz saw. She got an annoying personality. It is very difficult for Nonoy to win an argument. In between class Rica play around with her solid all steel mini hammer. To intimidate classmates and control the level of happiness inside the class room. In effect it terrified Nonoy the most. He doesn’t enjoy his life anymore. Nonoy practically spend most of his time in the school hiding. Either in the janitor closet or library.

Diamondiferous. To all the people Nonoy meet in his entire school life. Rica is the most organized, transparent, never a hypocrite. What you see to Rica is what you get. She can be a very successful business woman in the future.

The sum of all fears. The situation is more twisted than a pretzel factory. So we all moved on with our lives. Like little puppies. We all graduated in the six grades. Less the idea of a little romance.

The element of what might had been. 3 years had past and we decided to call each other for a reunion. We rented a private pool and have a swimming party together. During diner time we started talking about our lives and love interest. Especially during grade school days. And we realized how complex the situation then. All of us stood our ground. None of us actually back out. No body gives a damn about the feelings of the other person. My inferred proposition of syllogism. May be we are just a bunch of selfish Teenagers. Or we don’t know the real meaning of the word Love.

Hand drawn by Nonoy Manga

Story by Nonoy Manga


Nonoy Manga