I enter the room. The scent of Dolce and Gabbana perfume is in the air. Laser light flashing right on my face. The room is full pact with party people. All of them are dress to kill. The DJ play the sound track of the movie “The Shinning Through”. in title “I’ll Be Seeing You”. Every one dance in a very slow pace.

Gee it’s a painful thing to a loner guy like me. I saw my crush 150 meters away. around a dozen Romeo’s asking her for a dance. It gives me no option but to cut through the dance floor, take my chances. mid way across the dance floor I accidentally collided to her path. I pause for a few second I can’t believed all the blocks just fall  in the right place. Before i open my lips. Somebody tap my arm. owe its Abella the school Paparazzi. He said to me. Let me take a picture it may last longer. I try to move my body near to my crush. But I’m to shy. She instead  hook her arm in my shoulder. To enhance the situation. It turn out to be a  memorable romantic portrait.

The next day I got a copy of the photo, in my Facebook account. I immediately show it to her. She was delighted by the result of the snap shot. These may not mean anything to others. But for a kid like me. It’s big time. These may be the start of something wonderful. All of this things may not be possible with out the help of Abella. Thank you my friend. Now to share this wonderful moment to my WordPress followers & friends. I converted the photo into an Anime illustration.


Nonoy Manga