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It’s not what you think. Call it Superstition or Fear of the unknown.

For most Asian. Dreaming about Water and Flood. Is not a good sign. It will not bring any good luck. Be preferred, in the coming days. Observed the events that will come to your life.

First night I saw a woman in a flooded room. Next dream over flowing water coming from the window of my bed room. Next water flowing in the ceiling of my bed room. Next water flood soak the engine of the family car. Next passenger Bus sunk in the river. Last flood water enters the living room of our house.

The following events happen in sequence, in real life. We encounter 3 car accidents. People supporting my education lost their job and business. Grand mother died instantly in the hospital. Electric meter started a house fire. It burns the front end of our house. It’s like I was in a middle of a whirl wind. I feel numb after few days. I just have to steadfast. Hoping wishing everything will just return to normal. All of these events happen a year ago. Some dreams served as warning. To prefer us to such events. That will occur in the future.

Original drawing in Pencil, Hand drawn on bond paper. Scan trace back on sketch book pro. Above story is my inspiration.

Nonoy Manga



If you think drawing anime is difficult think again.

Learn to navigate window screen pause, forward and backward key.

Method of drawing is simple. Make a drawing guide slide 1. used pencil. Then Copy everything you see In the screen. After slide 3 erased drawing guide. Then apply color and shade if you desire.In the coming days I will release more simple anime drawing. In the likes of naruto characters, dragon ball z, k-on, bleach, one piece, full metal alchemy, fairytale etc.

Good luck

Nonoy Manga


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