Original Drawing, Hand Drawn. My geometry professor did not show up. I have a full hour to play around. Instead I decided to stay in the canteen. To take some quick snack. I sat at one of the empty table. The place is very quiet. One of those relaxing morning free from stress.

After a few moments a horse stamping walk girl arrived at the scene. She sat in the next table in front of mine. And she happens to be my crush in the 4th year class. She is too busy reading some text messages from her iPhone 4s. A lot of things are running inside my head.  This cute chick will disappear forever lest than a month from now. She will go to college and meet some basket ball star. Or may be some law student. Stupid of me to let my chance past bye.

Then I heard a voice calling my name. Hi mark. I was thinking so deep I didn’t notice her actually calling me. So I make gesture. She is whispering something. Her voice is too low I can’t hear it. May be it’s my ear, a side effect from listening to loud music through a pair of Grado headphones.

She notice something is wrong. She stood pull up her food tray. Ready to move to my table. As a gentleman I do the same thing. Pay respect to a lady. She turns left out of the table. I do the same thing. She breathe heavily. As I do. She stood like a model ready for the cat walk. Her eyes focus on mine, lock like a laser beam. Eye ball to eye ball.  No time to lose. I move forward. She does the same. I want everything to move fast. But it seems. Its one of those moment. My muscle body contract. Everything seems to be terribly slow. She smile. I acknowledge. I move in, she do the same. She is faster than me. She wants to say something very important. Before she deliver the first line. Out of nowhere one platoon of ROTC cadet steps in our way. Somebody just sucked in the beautiful moment. The situation is like a flower surrounded by poisonous torn. As I’ve said earlier she’s very popular with the boys. I did warn you in my about page welcome to drawings and misadventures of Nonoy Manga.

Above story is my inspiration to this sketch art.

Originally Drawn in Mongol Pencil on Bond paper. Scan, then trace back using sketchbook pro.


Nonoy Manga