Thats the title of my Pilot Manga Comics.

The plot is about a Romantic Comedy. A clash of 2 opposing world in the school campus.

A chaotic world of tetsuo kureshima. an idiot who wreck stuffs in the school.
and do reckless things. He even had a reputation of being a trouble maker when he was in the elementary. Right after he finish grade school. He move on to Tokinawa High. On the first day of class. He was a gentleman and generous person. The next day he turn into doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing. He swap door sign for Men & Women’s comport room. All hell just brakes loose.

The Neo Nazi world Kana Mizuki. The only person who could stop him. A head leader of a school council. A straight arrow girl. She’s got the looks & the grades. obsessed with spotless clean school. Being exactly opposite personality with tetsou. She develop some instant attraction to him. A feeling she cannot comprehend. Most of the time she can’t stand tetsou antics. It leaves her no option but to retaliate and torture the “School Crashers”